Woman, your real enemy is society not the other woman -Joy Isi Bewaji

The society is the enemy of women according to Joy Isi Bewaji. She noted that women should refuse to live their lives according to societal dictates and expectations and also teach their daughters that they can never be right with a society like ours.

“A dude tweeted some ridiculous nonsense about trying to help a lady whilst it was raining. He, driving in his car; she, under the rain with an umbrella. He wanted to give her a lift, and he said she “snubbed” him, so he drove off.

His next stop was Twitter, to tell the world about this sad incident with this woman who wouldn’t accept his help.

The responses were just as disgraceful. They laughed, they scoffed, they mocked. They said she’s acting “woke”. They called her “foolish” for choosing to stay under the rain. They said she “overestimated” herself. They called her “mumu”. They said “it’s her loss”. They chuckled and said he should have “splashed water on her”. “She took your kindness for granted,” others tweeted.

But this fucking dude is a stranger to this lady. What kind of entitlement allows you to think she owes you anything on the streets of Lagos whether under the rain or sun?

This is the same people, the same society who would have insulted, called her a whore, a useless piece of shit, if she had entered that car and was sexually harassed, scammed, kidnapped or killed.

These are two strangers, yet one of them thinks he is entitled to some kind of acceptance from the other.


woman your enemy is society not the other woman says Joy Isi Bewaji

I will advise you to tell your daughters that: as a woman, you will never be right with society. Never. Especially a society like ours – smitten by ignorance.

I have always believed the saddest, most idiotic beings on this earth are women who hold trysts with society.

You will never win. It doesn’t matter what you are, you can never be right with society. So if you live to make society like you or you need society’s validation, you are living beneath a roach.

Have you not heard of women who fight wars to get society back… and the same society, during the festival of freedom, turn around to rape their women as part of the festivity?

Apply that literally or figuratively to your society.

And it is your constant idiocy and lack of knowledge or understanding of how society works, that allows these women to look for another – better than them – to pull down. Because you are too cowardly, too foolish to confront your real enemy.

Your real enemy is society, not the other woman.

Tell your daughters, they can never be right with society. They can never win.
So what they need to do is give a middle finger to the system and pave their own path, create their own identities, and validate their own existence.

It is what I have done. It is what I will die doing.
I am anti-everything-you-acknowledge-or-endorse-as-society. I will live my life as I wish, without turning to the side to see whether anyone endorses it. I don’t care about anything. I don’t care about “anyone”.

I am not fighting society. I am not having conversations with society. I am not trying to be society’s type-of-woman. I don’t give a fuck about society.

I am living my life with no explanations whatsoever to anyone.

Remember, you will never win. Create your own path and enjoy your life.

Or you can decide not to enjoy your life, I don’t care really. Whatever.

This is a rant written by Joy Isi Bewaji


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