10 deadly sins that destroy relationships

They are deadly sins that destroy relationships women should know. A relationship can either be a blessing or a curse. If you are in a relationship with the right person, your life will get better but if you end up with the wrong man, you will be worse off.

Women should learn the difference between what they should and should not put up with in a relationship. This will go a long way towards helping them determine whether they are in a good relationship or not.

If your lover is putting you through any of the behaviors mentioned below, it might be time to decide whether you want to stick around or save yourself. Here is deadly relationship sins women should know:

Verbal abuse

Any man who loves you shouldn’t be using his words to tear you down. Verbal abuse is a form of mental abuse that can leave you feeling worthless and unlovable. If you are with a man who abuses you verbally, take a walk on time.

Keeping score

In relationships, couples should work together. They take care of their home, family, and daily lives. Love is not a competition and your partner shouldn’t keep score about what he did more than you in making your daily lives easier.

Deadly sins that destroy relationships


In relationships, a little jealousy is fine, but when it gets to a certain level it turns into a need for your partner to control you and it may lead to unnecessary fights, which will make you both unhappy. Your partner should deal with his insecurities instead of subjecting you to unnecessary pain because of their jealousy.

Physical abuse

There is no excuse for physical violence in a relationship. No matter how heated an argument gets, there is never a reason for your man to put his hands on you. The man who loves you won’t be using your body to try out his boxing skills. It can be deadly.


Another deadly sin is manipulation. Your man should be able to directly state his wants and needs without manipulating you. He shouldn’t resort to any kind of tricks to get you to do what he wants.


Another deadly relationship sin is possessiveness. Being a relationship means you and your partner should be accountable to each other and be each other’s priority. However, your man shouldn’t feel entitled to all your time and attention.


Lying is a deadly sin that might destroy your relationship if not checked. There’s no reason you should put up with someone who cannot be honest with you. Lying may start gradually but it graduates into more serious lies that might cost you something big.


Resentment is a deadly thing in any relationship. It is a poison that starts as something small and metamorphoses into something big. Your partner should talk to you about what he doesn’t like about your attitude and behaviour instead of being resentful.


Cheating whether physical or emotional should not be tolerated in a relationship. You shouldn’t be managing a cheat; you are endangering your life. When you are cheated on, you feel disrespected and inadequate. Cheating affects emotions and threatens your relationship.

Silent treatment

No matter how long you have been in a relationship with your partner, he needs time to decompress after arguing with you. But he shouldn’t deliberately avoid talking to you just to punish you. That’s wrong.



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