Dear lady, does your partner belittle you?

Does your partner belittle you? Does he say and do things that make you doubt your self-worth? Does he belittle your abilities and talents?

As a woman, you need a man who believes in you, encourages you and not one that will belittle you at every turn just to feel good about himself.

Emotional abuse is not what you should joke with in a relationship or a marriage. It messes with your head and gradually destroys your self esteem.

No matter how confident you are as a woman, and how much you trust in your capabilities, if your partner doesn’t feel the same way about you, it will affect your relationship.

If you are feeling belittled in a relationship, maybe you should go through these signs of belittling below to be sure:

He tells people about your mistakes

If your partner shares with people an incidence in which you messed up after you have told him many times that that incident upset you, he’s not taking you serious.

Does your partner belittle you?

He compares you to someone else

If your partner always compares you to his friend’s girlfriend or wife, he is belittling what you do in your relationship. He shouldn’t criticize you for being different.

He criticizes you over trivial matters

If he criticizes you over trivial issues on a day you are supposed to be celebrating a milestone, he’s belittling you. If he loves you, he won’t do that on your big day.

He makes you feel bad for your sexual desires

Does your partner get passive-aggressive about sex because you are more successful than him? Does he tell you that you are never satisfied just to make you feel bad about having sexual desires? He’s belittling you.

He insists you can’t trust your feelings

When you feel worked up about something you are passionate about and your partner dismisses your feelings, he is implying that your feelings cannot be trusted.

He wants you to change your appearance

This is one of the things you shouldn’t tolerate in a relationship. Your partner shouldn’t insist you change your appearance or who you are to be loved. He wants to belittle your whole essence.

He answers questions for you

Examples of belittling statements include answering questions meant for you. If friends or family ask you questions and your partner answers for you with short replies, he’s curtailing the conversation.

He teases your skills as a partner

If your partner says it would be nice if he had a real wife to an outsider, he’s undermining things you do in your relationship. He doesn’t appreciate the work you put in and makes you look like a bad domestic partner.

He barely asks you about important events

When you come home from an event your partner knows was very important to you, and he barely asks questions about it, he is belittling you and doesn’t care about things.

What to do:

When you say, “my boyfriend keeps hurting me emotionally”, you need to take a break from him. You don’t deserve to be with a man who belittles you.

When your boyfriend insults you all the time and implies another person knows what they are talking about as if you don’t anything, he’s belittling you.

When a woman who says, “My husband belittles my feelings, she needs to talk to him about it and let him know how his words and actions are hurting her. You don’t have to bottle up these things.


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