10 signs your relationship is too much work

Good relationships do require work but, if it’s too much work, you might be in a wrong relationship. When you get back as much as you invest in your relationship, your relationship doesn’t feel like a project.

Giving too much in a relationship while getting little or nothing back in return is one of the signs of a bad relationship. You should learn how to give less in a relationship if it is not mutual. Learn how to stop giving too much in a relationship; you are not dating yourself by yourself.

A deeply rewarding relationship requires efforts on your part but you need to learn how to stop over giving if your man doesn’t match your efforts. Your romantic relationship is supposed to make your life easier and not harder or complicated.

Young lady, if you feel that since you got into your relationship, other areas of your life are falling apart, like your friendships and your career, then your relationship is probably an unhealthy, energy-sucking entity that you should end.

10 signs your relationship is too much work

Here are 10 signs your relationship is just too much work:

You feel like everything must bow down to it

If it seems like everything else in your life has to die for your relationship to survive, that’s not good. If it seems like your relationship and other areas of your life can’t both survive, something is wrong. You have a life before you met that man and your relationship with him shouldn’t cost you important things or other relationships.

You are happy when your partner leaves town

If you are happy, carefree and at peace whenever your partner leaves town instead of missing him and his touches, what are you still doing with that man? Your relationship is going nowhere.

You talk about your relationship a lot with your friends

If you monopolize conversations with your girlfriends talking about your relationship a lot, you might be covering up how terrible your relationship is. When you are in a truly great relationship, you don’t talk too much.

You scream when you fight

It is not normal and acceptable for you and your man to scream at each other and break things when you fight. It might be anger issues or lack of compatibility.Healthy couples argue but they use words, not screams or physical force.

You are nervous when your man calls

You should feel happy to see your partner’s name pop up on your phone. But if you feel fear, nerves and paranoia, your man is not good for you. If your conversations leave you afraid, run.

You both always need to get away

If you and your partner always need to get away to reconnect, something is wrong. If you always feel the need to go on a vacation to get along with your man always, then you are not right for each other.

You bail on your friends due to incessant fights

If you have gotten a reputation for ditching your friends at the last minute frequently due to your relationship troubles, your relationship is unhealthy.

You set new rules all the time

If you are always setting new rules in your relationship, you are working too hard. If setting new rules is a way of addressing the many fights that come up all the time with your man, you need a new relationship.

You are always talking about working on your relationship

If you spend a lot of time with your partner talking about your relationship, how to fix it, how to make it better, what the issues are, who is to blame for what and so on, you are not enjoying your relationship.

You have too many relationship rules

If your relationship is laden with rules and more rules, you are not free to be yourself. If you are not allowed to talk with friends of the opposite sex just to prevent fights, you have a major problem with who you are dating.


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