Ladies, your relationship is not a meal ticket

Ladies, your relationship is not a meal ticket. You don’t have to feel entitled to a man’s money because both of you are dating.

It’s called a relationship not meal ticket. It is appalling that some girls dump all their family problems on men dating them.

They shamelessly beg for money all the time without thinking how these men feel about bearing all the financial burdens of their family members. Relationships are not meal tickets, they are for companionship.

You start dating a man and you turn him into a money spinning machine because you think you have a right to his money. Week one, your mother is sick in the village and needs money for her treatment.

It’s called a relationship not a meal ticket

Week two, your brother was arrested in another state and you need money to secure his release.

Week three, your sister gained admission into the university but there’s no money to pay her fees and hand outs. Week four, you need money to start a business.

What if this man didn’t come into your life, won’t you solve all your family problems? Don’t you have family members who can help you out if you are truly in need?

Why saddle a man who is just getting to know you with so much family problems? If he refuses to help you out, will you beat him? Ladies, respect yourselves.

Men who go about boasting about their material possessions fall prey to ladies who are looking for a way out of poverty. If she’s only interested in your money, she will be impressed by what you own and will be more anxious to say yes to you just to get her hands on your money.

Men and women need to go back to the basics when it comes to relationships. They should go back to looking at each other as team mates.

They should support each other, encourage each other, motivate each other and love each other wholeheartedly instead of seeking what they can get from each other.

A relationship is not an opportunity for men and women to use each other. Ladies, a man is not a meal ticket. If you want the good things of life, work for them.

A relationship is not a meal ticket, ladies should respect themselves and work for their own money.



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