The beauty of being a woman who never gives up

I love the fact that I am a woman who never gives up. I am naturally strong and resilient. I love the fact that I am a determined and ambitious woman.

I love the fact that I am free to dance to the beat of my life without seeking for external approvals.

I love the fact that I can spread my wings and fly to heights no one has ever dreamed about because I believe in my abilities.

I love the fact that I can carry my sisters along on this rugged ride to self discovery. I love the fact that nothing is impossible for me to achieve as I move on in life and fight for a future only I can see.

I enjoy the sounds victory, the smile of success, the pain of challenges and the sneers of doubters.

They have made me stronger, better, focused and more determined than ever. They have shaped me into the woman I have become.

The beauty of being a woman who never gives up

My many experiences have brought me to where I am today. They have made me more humane, more compassionate, more loving and more accommodating.

They have made me more powerful yet feminine. I am proud of who I am. I am proud of where I have been. I am proud of what I have been through and everything I have survived.

I am also proud of my baby steps towards my life dream. I am proud of my mistakes, failures and stumbles.

It means I am trying and working towards what I see in my minds eye. It means I never stay down. It means I never stop fighting. I never stop hoping. I never stop moving forward.

Life has taught me to believe in myself, love others like God does but only trust God who makes everything beautiful in His time.

Life has also taught me to always trust my gut and never let go of my intuition. I have learnt to be myself in a world that is trying to change me.

I am a woman. I am a phenomenal woman. I am one of a kind. My beauty is unusual because it is original to me. My eyes sparkle even when am down because I never give up.

My voice can never be silenced. I am me. Yes, that’s me, a woman, a Queen ascending her throne. I love me. I am a woman who never gives up .


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