10 reasons men pull away from women

Have you ever wondered why men pull away after getting close to women they fancy? Why do men pull away when things start to get serious between them and the women they just met? Is it fear of commitment or just fear of the unknown?

Many ladies find themselves in such situations and sometimes, they don’t understand why a man who chased them, showed them love and treated them with respect suddenly starts to pull away. This behaviour leaves women confused.

It can really be confusing when a man who adores and worships the ground you walk on, who is loving, compassionate and affectionate starts to withdraw from you. It leaves you asking, is he pulling away because he likes me?

You become lost when that man who takes you on dates, whose calls wake you up in the mornings and tucks you into bed at night, whose his text messages make your afternoons, all of a sudden begins to avoid you, and even asks for space.

He starts calling and texting you less. He complains of being busy. He hardly picks your calls, and when he does, he promises to call back but he never does for days, weeks or even months. He hardly visits and won’t invite you over to his place either.

It hurts, yes. But you should find out why this is happening. Here are 10 possible reasons your man is pulling away from you.

He may be focusing on work

Why do men pull away and then come back? Maybe work was demanding then and they didn’t want to be distracted by your relationship. Work may be stressful and demanding. It could be that his mind is so focused on his job and making a steady income, that he loses sight of your relationship.

You were just a fling

He may have started dating you casually. Some men don’t want to be in serious relationships, they just love bomb women. They show them care and attention and when they start to feel something deeper, they run away because they don’t want to commit.

The sexual attraction is fading

Sexual attraction brings two people together. In a new relationship, you feel high and alive and bask in absolute bliss. Your man feels this too, which makes your mutual attraction strong. But as time goes on, the sexual attraction may begin to fade and he starts to pull away.

10 reasons men pull away from new relationships

He doesn’t see you in his future

He’s getting to know you more and more, but for some reason, you are not part of his future. It could be a gut feeling that things are not right or you don’t possess a certain quality he wants in a woman. His mind is made up, which is why he is slowly distancing himself from you. Just move on and don’t beg to be loved.

He lacks relationship skills

Why do men pull away when they are falling in love? Some of them just lack relationship skills. Having a healthy relationship requires skill. He may be pulling away from you because he has never been in a serious relationship and doesn’t understand the efforts it takes to build a successful relationship. He may also be inexperienced and scared to make the wrong move, so he decides to take flight.

He may have had his heart broken in the past

Do you wonder why guys pull away when they like you? He may pull back because a girl broke his heart in the past and he is worried about being hurt again. It takes most men time to heal of the pain from past relationships. He may not know how to talk to you about his fears and trust issues.

He’s not ready to marry but obviously you are

If he’s feeling pressure from you, your family, and your friends to pop the marriage question, he might instinctively pull away if that idea is not in his plans. Some men don’t prioritize marriage like women do. If it’s not in his future, but you splash it on his face all the time, he might just bail on you little by little.

He may feel inadequate

He may feel inadequate to be with a woman like you. He may lack self esteem to step into the role of the man you would want him to be. Sometimes, the fear of financial responsibility, providing for a woman, and doing all the things that men are required to supply in a relationship can be daunting.  Once the pressure becomes too much, some men begin to pull away.

He doesn’t know how to break up with you

Men also pull away because they are done and ready to move on. This is one thing women hate to consider even when it is glaring that the relationship is not heading anywhere. Most men won’t be brave enough to tell you it is over, they would rather ghost you or ask for endless space. They stop reaching out to you and expect you to read in-between-the-lines.

There’s another woman

If your man is seeing someone behind your back, he shows you less attention. He doesn’t call you back. His whereabouts become unknown and he gives too many excuses why he disappears all the time. If you experience consistent tactical manoeuvres such as these, he’s looking for a way out because there’s another woman in the picture.

When a man pulls away, how long does it last? It depends on the issue at hand. Talk to him to find out why he’s distancing himself from you and draw your conclusions yourself. Why men pull away in early stages is something you should deal with before it gets out of hand.


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