Ladies, co-inhabiting with a man can mess up your life

When you tell some ladies that co-habiting with a man doesn’t, will not and can never guarantee you his name, they snort and frown at you, you suddenly become the jealous witch.

So December last year, a guy paid for a vacant flat in my side of the compound, his brother did all the running around for him because Bobo is a Malaysia Burger, he came finally in that same December and he quickly took a liking to my other neighbors seeing as they all have one thing in common (they are chronic womanizers), it’s like Agent Hakeem selected them here.

This guy’s name is Solomon, he’s very white abi light in complexion, he haff Jeep to cruise around, it’s almost like he owns a fuel station seeing as he’s always on generator even when there’s light at times.

So normally, he tried to be friendly. He’s a Manchester united fan and he asked to take me out like three times, i politely declined, he got the message and he behaved. Mama J is what he calls me sef, I’m not their mate.

So since he has a jeep, a posh apartment with standby generator, that earned him the right to be sampling women, and trust Edo girls, 70% of them value front of car than actual commitment, they believe selfie looks good taken from front seat. Tueh!

So in January precisely, a girl came to raise alarm, she was Solomons girlfriend but apparently Solomon was done with her and he took another one. The new girlfriend was inside when the old flame came, this girl cried and yelled.

She cursed but Solomon refused to let her in. She mentioned that she left a good guy just to be with Solomon. I just smiled and said within myself “karma.”

So the new girl was basking in the euphoria of front seat and being the main lady. In February, this girl practically moved in with Solomon. Infact, she was even dragging cloth lines from us the automatic rent payers in the compound.

In March this year, Solomon went back to Malaysia and left bae there. This girl will bring in her friends and family. But when caretaker comes to ask for security bills and other bills, she will say no money, the guy’s brother will coman pay.

You will always hear her telling caretaker that her husband will soon come back, that when he’s back he will pay whatever she’s owing.

So imagine my shock when one Sunday in June, Solomon’s brother came to tell her that his brother gave him a message to her, that she should pick her things and leave his apartment, that he’s coming soon but with his wife to be.

The girl laughed it off and the guy left. Then First week of July, I was hearing voices immediately I entered my street, any shouts from this street is usually from my compound.

So not wanting to miss out of this amebo, I sprinted to our compound and behold Solomon was back and he had thrown the girl’s property out and new madam aka wife to be was wearing a bumshort and just pressing phone.

The girl in distress was crying, yelling, and she was running to the other guys in the compound saying “please o bros epp me beg him, where does he want me to go to yen yen yen?

Then one of the guys laughed out loud and asked” that time you will see everyone sitting here and walk past like we were nonexistent, you were blind? That time you were forming wife na, you don forget?

From July till now, that girl has been coming here to beg, i still met her here yesterday evening crying, yelling that her parents didn’t let her back into their home. She’s squatting with a friend for now, I heard her explaining to someone.

I shake my head, you see when we sometimes take a stand against certain things in a relationship, it’s not like we are just plain stubborn, it’s not like we don’t want to be close to the man, it’s just situations like this we try our possible means to avoid.

People will say you don’t know how to be romantic, but personally I nor see who do romance pass me but i still get to use my head.

A friend of mine after introduction once moved in with a guy, they started building a life together, she got help from her family abroad to start a business but she loaned her man the cash and few months later, bros grew tired of the relationship and broke it off, she lost on all fronts.

Ladies, introduction is not marriage. If he wants to wake up and cuddle up to you every day of his life, let him come do the right thing, it’s that simple.

This girl now will now harbor this in her head, the right guy might eventually come along but she will push him away because of this past experience, whereas she was the one who used her husband to do boyfriend and her boyfriend to do husband, simply because she refused to prioritize her values.

Written by Joy Iziengbe Osamwonyi


I am a writer, a journalist and phenomenal woman. I don't conform to societal stereotypes. I am passionate about women and the issues that plague womanhood in this part of the world. Engage and be awakened.

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