People call me home wrecker and career destroyer for exposing Prof Akindele

Monica Osagie, the young lady who exposed OAU’s Professor Richard Akindele who wanted five rounds of sex from her in exchange for increasing her marks is being called names and threatened by Nigerians.

In her words: “I have received a lot of threats from many social media users. I have suffered physical harassment at public places, especially in the banking halls.

I also received a series of calls from strangers who would address me as “ashawo”  “home wrecker” and “career destroyer.” People accused me of destroying the career of the professor.”

Monica Osagie who hasn’t been able to get a job since that scandal broke doesn’t regret what she did, she’s just not satisfied that justice is slow in Nigeria. She wants the professor to pay for tormenting her psychologically.

Monica Osagie is being threatened

In her interview with, Monica Osagie stated that her dad supported her action but her aunts were of the opinion that she shouldn’t have exposed him (Prof Akindele) because, by exposing him, she will also expose herself as well. They insisted that her action would not help her future but she has done what she thinks was proper already.

Did you receive any threat as a result of your action?

Yes! I have been threatened on so many occasions and I am yet to get a job since then. The last job interview I went for about three weeks ago, the guy asked if I was “ the Monica Osagie” and I said yes and the next thing he said was sorry ma, we don’t need a whistle-blower!

Are you satisfied with the punishment received by Akindele already?

I wish Professor Akindele should be charged to court. First, for assassinating my character, the psychological trauma he put me through in school due to that I couldn’t give my best when I did my project which got my supervisor saying something negative and this happened to be the same man I complained to that Professor Akindele was sexually harassing me yet he did nothing but ended up shutting me out and pretended I never tried going through the right channel to complain about such nasty act. He has no remorse for what he did, the lives he had ruined due to his corrupt act. For this reasons he should be charged to court.

What are your lawyers advising you to do next?

My lawyers are saying that I should be silent and should not say a word but if I don’t speak out my mind. My image is going to be tarnished and I wouldn’t want a situation where my future kids won’t be proud of their mother. I spoke out when no one could if by exposing Akindele by playing along makes me crazy then no problem at all. I will gladly do it all over again. That man has no iota of truth in him and as such, I have to clear my name which he tried to rubbish in the mud.


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4 Responses

  1. Awele Odiakose Edmund -Omadudu says:

    She should not mind them. She should create her own job. She is unstoppable. She will definitely work with the right kind of people not people with no integrity.

  2. Send resume to let see if we have a
    job for you.

  3. Joseph Umar says:

    Ms. Osagie should consider a civil suit against the Professor, university, and the organization that rejected her based on what she did. We all need to stand up for what is right. She should hold her head up high and not be discouraged.

  4. Josie Mudasiru says:

    You have done the right thing, and by so doing saved hundreds of girls from being sexually harassed and abused. You are a brave young woman. The right job will soon find you.

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