Nigerian lady broke up with fiancee over domestic violence story

One lady and her fiancee broke up before my eyes last night.

They read a news about a man that beat his wife and sent her out of the house.

The guy: All these women that will be running their mouths any how and not keep quiet when the man is talking.

The lady: Were you there to know what happened? Don’t you think the fault might be from the man?

The guy: No matter what happens, the woman should be tolerant to keep her home.

The woman: And you don’t think the man should be tolerant as well?

Nigerian lady broke up with fiancee over domestic violence story

The guy: A man is wired differently from a woman. A woman should be respectful to her husband.

The lady: Marriage should be mutual love and respect from both parties.

The guy: It’s not necessary for a man but for a woman because she needs the marriage more. Cant you see how divorce is rampant because women won’t keep their mouths shut?

The lady: So according to you, a woman should bear everything the husband does to her and not talk?

The guy: She is a woman and should understand that a man is a man.

The lady: So she should be suffering and smiling?

The man: It’s not suffering, it means being a woman.

The lady: I pity the woman that will marry you.

The guy: Meaning?

The lady: (Removes the ring and gave to him). I rather remain single than marry a man like you.

Guy: Why are you taking this discussion personal.

The lady: For you to vomit this kind of rubbish means you will do worse. Sorry I can’t marry you.

This happened before my eyes last night. I’m very happy women are beginning to receive sense.

Written by Mercury Chizaram, a facebook user.

I applaud this lady for saving herself of a lifetime of pains, tears and heartaches if she had gone ahead to marry that immature boy who expects women to be zombies.


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