Woman stripped naked, beaten, paraded on suspicion of murder

A woman was stripped naked, beaten, and paraded after the dead body of a young man was found close to where she lives. She was accused of his murder. Her house was also burnt by the mob who didn’t wait for the police before taking laws into their own hands.

Footage shows the woman being paraded through the streets of India by a group of men in the latest incident of mob violence in India. She had nothing on as they paraded her through the Bhojpur district, save for a black bandage around her arm.

Woman stripped naked and paraded in India

The men shouted at her, slapped her, pushed her, and threw stones at her. Some laughed, others cheered as the woman was mobbed and the attack was filmed and shared on social media.

Police said the group dragged the woman from her home on Monday after the body of Vimlesh Shah, 19, was found. She is said to live in a red light district close to the railway where Shah’s body was discovered. The mob also set fire to her house, local shops, other houses and vehicles in the area.

The woman is now being treated at the hospital while 15 men have been taken into custody for her assault.

Woman stripped naked and paraded in India

I don’t understand these animals in men’s bodies. What evidence do they have that she had anything to do with the death of the young man whose body was discovered?

How does living close to where a dead body was recovered proof that she killed him or had anything to do with his death? Why are these people so senseless and heartless?

Must they strip her naked even if she was guilty of the said crime? What does her nakedness do for these perverts who don’t have evidence she did anything?

What kind of animals are these men? If it were a man who was caught committing a crime, would they strip him naked, parade him and burn his house?

This is so unfair. And why were people recording it too? I pity the poor woman. Nobody deserves to be treated this way especially as they can’t prove she killed the young man.

This world sucks. India is one of the worst places to be a woman. Sighs.


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    This made me sad

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