What if your husband doesn’t like your family and friends?

It is understable when a man tries to isolate his wife from friends of questionable character or never do well, toxic and controlling parents and family members, but I don’t understand why a man would want to severe every ties his wife has with his family and friends just because she is married to him.
Most men who by all means try to isolate their wives from friends and family are covert narcissists who will do anything for their wives to become totally reliant on them.
They act like they know better than you or those around you, and therefore feel the need to decide who you associate with.
They can stir up arguments on purpose, cook up stories against your family and friends so as to get them in your bad books to further destroy the friendship and bond between you. They never take responsibility for their actions.
They always put you in awkward positions where you have to choose who to support between your family, friends and themselves. Narcissists are all about divide and conquer so as to have you where they want you.
They have an exaggerated sense of self-importance, always engaging in mind games, that way they get to exert power and reinforce their independence. They isolate you to establish control as the most important and powerful person in your life.

What if your husband doesn’t like your family and friends

Unfortunately, they often give good first impression because they are charismatic, charming, and fascinating, but it is often in the short term, long-term relationships pose a serious challenge for them because of their entitlement and exploitativeness
Marriage to them is a long and confusing emotional roller-coaster ride. All of your attention and time goes to them, yet they constantly criticize you for not meeting their needs. They are takers rather than givers.
They need to control your life for you to behave properly so they can get what they want to improve their own situation, their family or advance in some way. In other words, they manipulate you to achieve their goals.
Self-care should be a top priority for you right now. It’s important for you to take part in activities that makes you feel good about yourself and reconnecting with your family and friends is top on the list.
Continuously isolating yourself from people who love you and activities that you enjoy like your narcissistic partner wants may spell doom for you in the long run.
Dear married woman, do the things you love, just for you. Hang out with friends, reach out to your siblings, it doesn’t matter if he refuses to go with you or he disapproves of it. You have a life outside your marriage.
Never let him get you to that place nothing is about you any longer. Combat that feeling of being inadequate just to please a man. Be a little selfish about how you live your life.
You don’t need his permission or approval to relate with your family and friends. Set specific, measurable, realistic and attainable personal goals. If he nags and whines about it, smile and tell him that he will be fine at last.
Do not allow your narcissistic partner kill you before your time. You are not the cause of his misery and insecurities. He needs professional help with his issues not reducing you to who you are not just to make him feel better about himself .


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