Woman shares encounter with fake pastors

There are many fake pastors and fake prophets who prey on people’s fear and vulnerability to amass wealth for themselves.

These fake pastors and prophets also majorly see visions of how a parent, sibling, spouse or family member is responsible for someone’s situation.

They are good at destroying relationships between friends, family members and spouses with their evil visions. These fake pastors and prophets rarely see goods things in store for their members.

I once followed my friend to Awuzia’s Zoe Ministry in London when it was the vogue. After the church service, we waited to see him. A female pastor preached that Sunday and the sermon was all about her plugging her book that she wrote.

You had to buy that book before seeing Awuzia. As you entered Awuzia’s presense, you showed him the book first. Anyway, when it got to our turn, Awuzia said he saw a vision for me. That my mother was a witch and was the one stopping me from getting married and that I was to distance myself from her. I was age 26 at the most. Not yet bothered about marriage. And my mother was dead.

I told him my mother was dead and how she could not be the one behind my single state. How did he not see that my mother was dead in the vision? He said the spirit did not reveal that to him. But imagine if my mother had been alive and I was desperate for husband? That is how he would have caused a seperation between my dear mother and I.

On fake pastors and fake prophets

A friend’s marriage was destroyed when her husband’s friend invited her husband to his church. At this church, they told him that it was his wife that was behind his stagnancy in life. He moved out of his home and left his wife with FIVE children to fend on her home.

His wife pleaded and begged and cried, all to no avail. This man, though a graduate, had been a security man when he met my friend. It was my friend who introduced him to people that gave him jobs and he got his job then as the security manager of a multinational company through this his wife. His wife suffered for years. She is remarrying next month to a man who worships the ground she works on. Hallelujah somebody!

A few days ago, a woman told me that she had just lost her baby. She was in serious distress and I did not have the words to comfort her. She said that while her baby was ill, her husband was introduced to a man of god to pray for the child.

The man told her husband (behind her back) that his wife, the mother of the ill child is a witch and they should bring some money. The man gave him the amount he asked for. The propthet asked for more money.

The man said, deliver my wife of the witchcraft so that our child will be ok. Abi? If it is the wife that is a witch, it makes sence to deal with the root of the matter abi? The prophet said ‘ah. I can’t o. Her fellow witches will deal with me if I do that’.

Thank God the man did not believe the ‘prophet’ and think his wife is a witch that is going to kill all their children. This ‘prophet’ could have broken up this marriage you know?

Peeps, The Bible says to ‘test’ the spirit. Don’t fall yakata for these lies. God said that we should approach the throne of grace. He did not say we should give people money to approach the throne of grace on our behalf.

We are all joint heirs with Jesus. God lives in us. Don’t be fooled and don’t let anyone destroy your relationships. These people are charlatans and all they do is manipulate people based on the person’s fears and insecurity.



Written by Olu Bunmi


Woman. Journalist. Writer. Blogger. Non Conformist. Rebel. Daring. Creative. Amazing. Unstoppable.

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