2 Nigerian girls killed by their bosses in Saudi Arabia

Two Nigerian girls trafficked to oil-rich Saudi Arabia to work as housemaids have been allegedly killed by their respective employers.

The killings occurred within two weeks in the respective homes where they worked as servants to their Saudi bosses.

The first Nigerian girl to be murdered was by name Omotayo who until her death in June 2018 worked as a migrant domestic worker in Riyadh.

She sent this photo to her friends in a group chat called “Strong Nigerian Ladies” – a solidarity group created by Nigerian migrant domestic workers in Saudi Arabia.

According to www.satellitetimesng.com, the group is a resort to self-help because the Nigerian Embassy in Riyadh has never for once responded to any of the SOS (Save Our Souls) telephone calls nor text messages sent by Nigerians in distress in the Gulf country.

The late Omotayo

Omotayo, in her June post which happened to be her last, narrated to the solidarity group her latest incident of battery in the hands of the Saudi family she worked for. Her boss and the entire family had descended on her for being disrespectful to them.

Her offence was that she insisted her three-month salary arrears be paid to her. She had put her foot down saying she would no longer accept excuses for the non-payment of her salaries just as she said she was tired of eating leftover food. Her action was seen as an affront.

No one can say with certainty what happened afterwards. A few days later she was dead. It is believed she must had been subjected to more beatings and torture.

While the solidarity group was mourning the death of Omotayo, another Nigerian maid was sent to early grave. The second girl was by name Shola. Her story was told by Adeola Oladipo, another housemaid in the Strong Nigeria Ladies Group:

The late Shola on a hospital bed“Shola has been constantly assaulted and starved by her sponsor in Saudi Arabia. Whenever she demands for food they would always beat her up and she became so slim like somebody with HIV.”

This is so sad. Can’t these bosses in Saudi Arabia be held responsible for the deaths of these ladies? Are these cases going to be swept under the carpet as usual? Rest in peace ladies.

Source: www.satellitetimesng.com


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  1. Grace says:

    Ohhhh dear lord!! Help this country we need your help God. Ohh poor girls kai so sad right now

  2. art-pen.ru says:

    “If you are sick and you go to them, they tell you, ‘Fuck you, black! Fuck you!’ ” Evans, a twenty-four-year-old Ghanaian, said. “As soon as they see you, they will cover their nose.” A Nigerian migrant who lived in Tripoli for four years told me that he was stabbed in the chest by a shop owner because, after paying for his items, he had asked for change. A Ghanaian said that a Libyan cut off his friend’s finger in order to steal his ring.

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