Help! Nigerian men are sexually exploiting teenage girls

It is unfortunate that many men are now sexually exploiting teenage girls. When you see secondary school girls who should be in class loitering around major bus stops in town, just have it at the back of your mind that some of them are waiting for their matured lovers.

It is sad that some of these girls are girl friends of bus drivers, bus conductors, keke riders, okada men and some older men. These girls hang at bus stops waiting for their boyfriends to drop them at school, go home with them or check into different hotels.
When some teenage girls wear school uniforms in the morning, you will think they are going to school. All na wash. When no one is looking, they go to a corner on the streets and change into mufti then follow one man till school closes and they put their school uniforms back on to go home as if they went to school.
Dear mothers, be vigilant. It might interest you to know that your teenage girls are no longer little girls as shameless men are now preying on them. They also sexually exploit these girls who know little or nothing about relationships and sex.
These men know how gullible, insecure and desperate these teenagers want to feel like they matter. They know they want to be flattered and found attractive and they prey on that need.
These men know how these teenage girls want to be treated like adults, have adult conversations, and be treated like adults even though they are little girl’s, so they give them what they want.

Teenage girls are being sexually exploited by men

One psychological aspect to this anomaly is that grown men who go after teenage girls tend to struggle to woo and date women within their own age range. They suffer from low self esteem. So they use these teenage girls to feel like men.
It is a pity that such relationships between adult men and teenage girls are emotionally and intellectually unbalanced relationships. These men are exploitative and manipulative.
They make the girls look up to them, believes them, listen to them and obey them. These teenage girls are easily impressed with these men because they don’t know better.
Being found attractive by grown men make them feel good and confident. Most of them begin to even drastically alter their personality to fit into what these men like.
Dear mothers, adult men are liking your teenage daughters in ways adults shouldn’t like children. As a mother, your responsibilities doesn’t end with paying school fees, feeding, clothing, providing shelter, giving pocket money, and transport fare etc.
Your daughters are gullible and they are falling for manipulative souls whose plans for them are sex, drugs, alcohol, pregnancy, dropping out of school, sexually transmitted diseases, abortion and even death.
These men are getting these teenage girls pregnant, taking them for abortions in quack hospitals and even damaging their future. They exploit these girls sexually and  abandon them like used tampons when they have their fill. They then move to other victims.
It is upsetting seeing adults resort to preying on little girls and going into unhealthy relationships with them rather than seeking out women their own age. It is heartbreaking that these some of these men don’t have sex with these girls with protection. They believe they are still clean and these little girls lack the guts to call them to order.
No responsible adult male would want to be with a teenage girl, only pedophiles do that.  They manipulate and even threaten these girls because they know that these would want to keep the relationship at all costs so they won’t be replaced by someone else .
It is true some teenage girls fancy older men, some go as far as flirting with grown men including their teachers, but it is in your place as an adult to never give in to their whims. It is your responsibility to encourage them to go for someone within their age bracket even though they may consider boys their age immature.
Mothers cannot continue to turn a blind eye to this scourge. We should stop pretending that we are minding our businesses and call these girls to order. It is left for them to listen to advice or refuse to. We should report them to their schools and even to their parents.
The men who are preying on these teenage girls should be called out, embarrassed and reported appropriately. Hotels must not allow grown men bring in little girls to defile them all in the name of running their businesses and getting customers. That’s evil.
Teachers must keep a close eye on their female students to know when these girls come and leave school and also report them to their parents.
Mothers should continue to educate their daughters on the dangers of wanting to grow up too fast and do adult things. Girls should be taught how to spot these men early on and spoil their plans by talking to their mothers about them.
Mothers, be your daughters friends.This is not the time for beating and stripping them naked before neighbours and street people. You will push your daughters farther from you with those actions. They won’t trust you enough to tell you things anymore.
Mother’s also need to pay their children unscheduled visits in school as well to know if they are in school or not. Keep your eyes peeled, these men who are good at preying on unsuspecting teenagers are smooth operators. Protect your daughters from them.


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  1. Ebube says:

    Are you hearing?
    Though I’d never try to pull a stunt like this
    Some people are truly pigs

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