Only wicked people send abused women back to their abusers

You are a wicked person if you cajole, pressure and blackmail a woman to go back to her abusive husband.

If all you tell an abused woman is to submit more to her husband because he’s her head and pray for him to change  you are heartless.

If all you do is quote the Bible to abused women and blame them for talking when their husbands are talking, you should hide your face in shame.

If the only thing you ask an abused woman who is being slapped around, kicked, given blows and beatings is ‘what did you do?, you are just mean and wicked.

You don’t know how much pain you are causing that woman by refusing to be kind and considerate of her plight.

Parents, pastors, siblings ,friends and colleagues who manipulate people into going back to abusive relationships are wicked individuals who don’t value life.

It is very hard for a woman to walk out of a marriage where she is being battered daily. Most times, they lack the strength to do so.

Don’t you understand that abuse damages a person? It extinguishes their will, self confidence, self worth and desire to go on living? Are you that wicked that you can’t feel their pains?

Under constant abuse, some people turn to alcohol, drugs and all sorts of vices that kill them slowly in order to survive another day in an abusive marriage.

Do you know the effort it takes to break out of such mental and physical torture? Do you understand how difficult it is to conquer the crippling fear victims have of their abusers in order to flee that relationship?

Do you not know that even after they leave, the pain stays on with these women, eating them up daily? They come out battered, broken and damaged. They sometimes blame themselves for being abused.

Wicked people send abused women back to their abusers

Some women suffer mental break down, depression, post traumatic stress disorder. Some lose their will to live and they seek strength every day to be able to live for themselves and their children.

These women struggle to smile but you can you tell that there is no smile in their eyes. You see the absence of spark and optimism in their stare.You also spot the look of pain & death in their eyes.

All these women need is love, support, encouragement, a hug, a judgement free zone around them. They don’t need you to send them back to the person hurting and breaking them.

They need someone to be strong for them because they have been strong on their own for too long trying to endure abuse. You shouldn’t be wicked enough to turn them away.

Abused women need people they can talk to even when the only thing the person has to do is simply listen to them bare their souls and unload their pains. Don’t be wicked to them.

These women need trustworthy people they can confide in and those who would not betray their trust or throw them under the bus.

They need people to give them hope again and reassure them that life is still worth living despite what they have gone through in their marriages.

Who will that person be, if not you – a parent, friend, lover, family, colleague but rather than offer them succour, support and love, you judge them or worse send them right back to their abusers.

You are wicked to do that because you don’t want the burden of caring for them. You refuse to comfort them because you don’t want this hypocritical society to say you are encouraging divorce.

You are wicked because you refuse to soothe that woman’s pain. Even if you call yourself a Christian, a pastor, a church goer quoting different bible verses all over the place, you are just wicked.

You are heartless. You are the devil impersonated in human flesh. With friends and family like you, an abused woman needs no enemies.

Dear people stop being wicked, stop sending abused women back to their abusers. Be compassionate. Be loving. Be kind. Stop being wicked.


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