How to protect your relationship from destroyers

Relationship destroyers are everywhere. While I advocate for holding your partner responsible if they cheat on you instead of fighting the other person, I am also not ignorant of the fact that some people are so unhappy in life that they derive pleasure from coming between two people who love each other.

Some men have the ministry of going after women in serious relationships or married women. They run after these women with so much passion and intensity that if they were to devote time to building their own relationships, their women would be the happiest women on earth.

But no! They are agents of Satan sent to distract good women in good relationships until these women fall into their traps. They tell them what they want to hear, do things for them that maybe their partners aren’t doing. They whisper sweet things to them. Buy them gifts. Tell them they are the best thing that happened to them after toast bread.

And when they know that they have successfully lured these women into their lair, they dump them. They turn their world upside down. By this time, they have successfully turned them against their partners so that when they disappoint them, they are stranded.

May God deliver good women from the hands of these agents of Satan known as relationship destroyers! If you are a woman reading this, may you never fall for that handsome boy with six packs, sexy voice and brain turning sex skills to boot. Can I hear a loud amen?

Now women, tell me, why do some of you go after married men and men in serious relationships? Is it that you don’t want to be happy in your life or what? What joy do you derive from putting asunder what God and love has joined together? You people should fear God so that you won’t end up badly.

Some women are not smiling these days. They are ready to disfigure side chicks with acid or even kill them. They are not like some of us who would rather hold our men accountable for falling into temptation. They are vicious, vindictive and dangerous. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. You better stay away from a man who’s taken when you want to shoot your shot. Shoot it in the direction of a single man. A married man is not your soul mate. Don’t deceive yourself.

Now back to dealing with someone who is clearly after your partner or spouse. Believe me, it’s not a good place to be in. You will be conflicted on whether they just want to snatch your partner or your partner gave them the green light. If you are sure that a man or woman is after your partner for sex, an adventurous relationship or marriage, you need to take some measures to put an end to that association.

You have no business with the other person even when it is clear that they want your partner whether for just casual sex or for keeps. Some people have sustained life injuries and even died for fighting the wrong persons. Face your partner. Let your partner know that you are aware of what’s going on and tell them to put an end to the flirting and unholy association.

If a lady is calling your husband at odd hours and sending him racy and flirty text messages, hold your husband accountable. Don’t start shouting home breaker at her as if your husband has temporary amnesia that he’s married to you. He is the one you should hold responsible for trying to break the home you are building. He is the one who made vows to stick with you for life and not the other woman.

Stop making excuses for your husbands. They are not babies. They know right from wrong and in most cases, they are the ones running after these ladies. Face your husband. Let him stop playing games with other women. He should put the other woman in her place. He is not helpless neither is he clueless that he doesn’t know what to do when a woman is hitting on him.

If you are sure that someone is trying to snatch your wife, it is not the time to start dragging your feet and claiming your wife is a born again Christian who fasts five times a week and attends church services seven days a week. It is the time to put your foot down and find out what exactly is happening in your marriage. Don’t let some of these women deceive you, they hide in the church to carry out their activities without you suspecting anything.

If you know the kind of temptation women face these days from young, handsome and well-built men, you will protect your wife and home from these smooth talkers. You will do everything within your power to prevent your wife from tasting another forbidden fruit because she might get carried away and elope with the guy.

If you are sure that she’s not the one encouraging her toaster, then both of you can face the intruder together. You don’t have to go and fight any man to leave your wife alone. Have some dignity! You need to face your wife. Let her put a stop to what is going on with the outsider. You should demand that from her.

If someone is after your spouse, that is the time for you both to unite and face your common enemy. That is when communication is important. You both need to honestly talk about what is lacking in your relationship and make amends before things get out of hand. Find out what you are no longer doing for your spouse that the outsider is doing. What are you no longer telling your spouse that they want to hear? How does your spouse want to be loved? Do you love them that way?

When someone is after your spouse, your spouse should stop being in contact with that person as much as they can. You overcome temptation by running away from it not by playing around it. Don’t say you are a powerful man and no woman can bring you down. You are on a long thing. When you will fall, your fall will be worse than that of Humpty Dumpty. You won’t even remember your name when that woman wraps you around her oil rig.

If another man is after your wife, stop sending her to him to go and beg him for money. You are sending her into the lion’s den. You shouldn’t boast that she is a prayer warrior and cannot have sex with another man. You should ask men who have dealt with such issues in the past and you will be shocked that women fall into temptation as much as men.

Couples should know that relationship destroyers are everywhere and they shouldn’t allow these people destroy their marriages.

If someone is after your spouse, you have to unite with your spouse and send them away from your happily ever after. It is the duty of men and women to fight for their marriages.


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