Wife swaps husband’s sperm with her lover’s during IVF process

A woman swapped her husband’s sperm with that of her lover during an IVF process and didn’t tell her husband until one year later after her son was born.

It was bad enough that she was cheating on her husband but swapping his sperm with that of her lover is over the roof. This is so unfortunate given that the man trusted her so much.

The man has sued an IVF clinic after his wife admitted that she had swapped his sperm for her lover’s during treatment.

Maxim Anokhin, a Russian man, only found that his one-year-old son was not his biological child when their relationship turned sour and his wife admitted to the swap.

Yana Anokhina, 38, had reportedly told the clinic she wanted the man she loved to be the father, but had let her husband pay for the treatment and kept him in the dark for the child’s first year.

Mr Anokhin successfully sued the Moscow clinic which allowed the swap and was awarded £4,600 in compensation for his moral and financial damages.

‘I trusted my wife,’ he said. ‘I believed her and trusted her, 100 per cent. ‘It means that when I was told about it… I was shocked… I was distressed, and I could hardly believe it.’

The court found that he had paid for the IVF treatment and had provided his sperm believing that he would be the father of the baby.

Ms Anokhina has not spoken about the swap but reports say she wanted the father of her baby to be the man she loved and not her husband.

Ms Anokhina had been cheating on her husband and had reportedly told the clinic she wanted the man she loved to be the father of her baby. That was why she swapped the sperm.

But for a year Mr Anokhin believed the child to be his. He loved and supported the boy whom they called Timofey. He got the shock of his life when they started having issues and she told him how she swapped his sperm for her lover’s own.

DNA tests proved that Mr Anokhin was not the father prompting him to sue Kulakov Medical Centre which provided the IVF treatment.

Mr Anokhin took the case against Yana now his ex-wife not for money but justice. He wanted to make the matter public so that men will not continue to be cheated on like his ex wife did to him.

Mr Anokhin who now has another son born without IVF treatment to his new partner is happy but cannot forget his other little boy who for a year he called his son.

Source: www.dailymail.co.uk


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