10 things Nigerian men can’t stand in Nigerian women

Do you know that some Nigerian men can’t women who are clear about what they want in life and are deliberate about their dreams?
It’s annoying that patriarchy has taught Nigerian men that women must not have a choice when it comes to datingĀ  marriage and life.
These men feel entitled to a woman’s love, body, desires and dreams. They feel they have the right to tell women what to wear, what to say and how to say these things.
That’s why when they encounter women who are not their average Nigerian woman, they try to slut shame her or lash out at her marital status. That’s how these insecure boys feel good about their small selves.
Here are 10 things the average Nigerian man can’t stand in a woman and some of them are hilarious.

Nigerian men can’t stand these things in Nigerian women

1. They can’t stand women who advocate equality for both sexes. They call these ones angry feminists. Scoffs.
2. They can’t stand women who are confident in who they are. These boys expect women to be timid and quiet.
3. They can’t stand women who are in tune with their sexuality and refuse to be shamed by sex talks.
4. They can’t stand intelligent women who keep them on their toes mentally. They always try to bring them down.
5. They can’t stand ambitious women. They always tell these women to go and get married as a way of belittling them.
6. They can’t stand women who refuse to be abused. They call these ones stubborn and heartless. Funny lots.
7. They can’t put up with successful and rich women. They claim its an abomination for a woman to be richer than a man.
8. They can’t understand women who refuse to settle for men who don’t match their dreams. They threaten them with getting old in their father’s houses.
9. They can’t put up with women who refuse to be manipulated by marriage talks and subtle societal expectations.
10. They can’t deal with women who have control over their lives, bodies and future. They think women should live for men.


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