10 fruits that burn belly fat

Every woman should know the belly fat burning fruits and vegetables available to keep their tummy flat and beautiful. Even though some fruits are high in calories and natural sugar, they are still more healthier than white carbs and junk food.

Even if you want a flat stomach, you should fill your body with nutrients from fat burning fruits. A good diet will not lead you to calorie counting that deprives your body of the nutrients it needs to burn fat and build muscle. Some fruits contain many nutritional substances that actually burn fat and not make your body gain it.

Here are 10 fat burning fruits list women shouldn’t joke with in their quest for flat stomachs.


Blueberries are super healthy. Blueberries help you battle body fat while decreasing cardiovascular disease and risk of diabetes. Adding them to your yogurt or a bowl of cereal is an easy way to incorporate them into your diet. They are one of the 5 fruits that help burn belly fat.


Lemon is a detoxifying fruit and excellent for burning belly fat. Lemon helps in detoxifying the liver, which is essential to maintain the ability of the body to digest food and burn fat. In a glass of lukewarm lemon juice, add a teaspoon of honey and drink it in the morning. This will reduce your belly fat.

10 fruits that burn belly fat


Coconuts contain medium chain triglycerides (MCFA) that raise the metabolic rate of the liver up to 30 percent. They are also a sweet and filling snack that you can replace with other junk food cravings. Try adding coconut milk to a cup of coffee for a sweet and tasty treat.


Avocado contains fat that tell your body to stop spiking blood sugar. Spikes in blood sugar cause your body to store extra fat, and excess fat on our bodies is something that we all want to avoid. Keep in mind these fruits are calorie and fat heavy, so just one combined with a meal is plenty for a day. It is one of the fat burning foods.


Apples help you lose weight in two different and effective ways. They are packed with fiber that helps increase the metabolic rate and stay full in between meals. The second way they help is by adding pectin to a diet. Pectin actually restricts cells from taking in fat and it helps cells absorb water. Your belly fat diet plan should include an apple.


Grapefruits contain the antioxidant naringenin which evens out insulin levels.This is a way of warding off the infamous hunger pains while allowing the body to burn fat more easily. You can just cut a grapefruit in half then enjoy it with a spoon for a quick snack that is fun to eat. Grapefruits are one of the belly fat burning foods.


Bananas contain healthy fibers that help curb appetite and make the body burn fat. The potassium in bananas helps build muscle that will in turn burn fat. You can try making a simple banana shake with yogurt, milk, bananas and ice for a healthy and cold treat.


Pomegranate juice is filled with antioxidants that get rid of the unwanted toxins in your body. Pomegranates contain antioxidants known as polyphenols and these antioxidants boost the body’s metabolism. They also stop arterial lipid build-up and lower the appetite.


Watermelon is another fruit that will help in shedding off those extra pounds. The high water content in it acts as a natural intoxicant that will curb your appetite. So, if you want to lose your unwanted belly fat, consume watermelons.


Aside vegetables that burn belly fat, peaches contain phenolic compounds that act as a natural medicine for diabetic patients and also helpful for obesity-related diseases. The antioxidant natural fructose in peaches restricts the increase of fat storage in your belly.




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