10 signs your man is not ready for marriage

If you are ready to get married and not sure if your man feels the same, there are some tell-tale signs that will give you the answers you need fast if he won’t be honest with you.

Paying attention to these signs can save you a lot of heartache and wasted time because you will realize that the future you are planning with an unwilling people is likely not going to happen.

If you want to settle down, rather than give up your dream of walking down the aisle, you can simply give up on that relationship that is going nowhere fast and find a partner who wants the same thing you want.

It can be painful when one person is ready for marriage and the other is just stringing them along without making efforts to commit to the relationship.

Here are 10 signs your man is not ready for marriage:

He talks about his future and it doesn’t include you

One of the signs a man is ready for marriage is including you in his future plans. A man who truly wants you in his life shows his love through his actions and works towards a future for the two of you.

He constantly downplays your relationship to family & friends

When you are truly in love with someone you don’t hesitate to tell anyone who will listen about them. A man who is just using you to pass the time will consistently downplay your relationship and your role in his life. You have to ask yourself why you even want to be with someone who doesn’t proudly tell everyone how much you mean to him.

10 signs your man is not ready to get married

He’s indecisive about getting married

If your man is indecisive, he’s not ready to get married. One day he feels he wants to marry you, the next day he’s on a completely different vibe, this behavior results in broken engagement, canceled wedding plans and heartbreak.

He makes negative comments about marriage

You need to pay attention to what your man says about marriage and getting married. If he repeatedly makes negative comments about marriage every time the subject comes up, he’s basically telling you that he has no interest in it. Is he ready for marriage, no?

He doesn’t show interest in getting to know your family

He is not ready for marriage but I am is one of the things women say when the men they are with show no interest in meeting their family. A man who wants to marry you will go out of his way to make sure he establishes some sort of relationship with your family. If your man shows no interest in forming a relationship with your family, that is definitely a sign that he’s not thinking about forever with you.

He changes the subject when the topic of marriage comes up

If your man quickly changes the subject every time you or anyone else brings up marriage, then you already have your answer as it relates to your man having wedding bells on his mind.

He’s very critical of you

A man who always points out your faults and flaws is not someone you want to marry at all. A future husband should be celebrating you every chance he gets and if he is not doing that, then you need to end the relationship if you are serious about getting married.

He still has a wandering eye

If your man is still looking, entertaining and pursuing other women, then he is extremely far away from wanting to be married. Men who are on the marriage track are so in love with their future wife that they don’t even have the desire to think about other women.

He has broken up with you several times

A man who breaks up with you for insignificant things is playing with your emotions. He’s showing you that he won’t stick around when things get tough. This is not the trait you want in a future husband. This is one of the signs your boyfriend will never marry you.

He’s selfish 

If it’s always about him, his wants and needs in the relationship, he’s selfish. If he treats you as an afterthought, that’s who he is and he won’t change. Selfishness has no place in marriage. You should stop wasting your time with such a man.


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