Why women should let go of dead relationships

Women should learn how to let go of dead and unprofitable relationships. If something is not working, stop forcing it. Just let go of it.

As you go through life, when a door is closed, knock on it a few times. If it still doesn’t open, let it remain closed.

You have to learn how to let things go. You have to learn how to let go of people and relationships that don’t matter anymore.

In life, in love, in career, when you see the full stop at the end of the sentence, don’t try to turn into a comma. Things change.

Stop begging to be loved and accepted. Stop running after people who have shut you out of their lives. You can’t force relationships.

Women should learn to let go of dead relationships

Cry if you must but know when something is over and move on. There’s no point holding on to someone that has let you go.

If a man who once all over you is pretending to be too busy these days that he doesn’t pick your calls, doesn’t respond to your messages and chats, drop that dead weight and move on.

If a friend who was close to you suddenly starts avoiding you or needing space from you, try and find out what is happening and if that person doesn’t give you any concrete answer, drop the dead friendship.

If a colleague who was your friend at work suddenly starts avoiding you for no reason, talk to that person about their behaviour and if nothing changes afterwards, let the dead weight drop immediately.

Hold your head up high and move on. Move on from the uncertainty, pains, tears and disappointments. Better people and relationships will come. Focus on being a better woman.

Learn the art of moving on when love is no longer served in your relationships. You don’t need dead weights in your journey of life. You need to drop things weighing you down and live better.


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