5 people who shouldn’t visit when you have a baby

Dear new mom, it is not everyone you know that should visit you immediately after you have your baby. It is true that when you give birth to your baby, loved ones, family members, friends, colleagues and neighbours want to visit and see your cutie but you have deliberately choose who should be around you at that time.

Having gone through the rigours of pregnancy and childbirth, the weeks after giving birth can be sensitive and demanding and you don’t have to let just about anyone come over.

As a new mom, your body is drained from labour, and lack of sleep because you need to constantly nurse your baby. Your emotions will be everywhere because your entire life just changed with the arrival of your baby.

While some friends and family can help with the transition of being a mother, others can make it worse.  New moms, below are people who shouldn’t visit right after you just have a baby.

People who shouldn’t visit immediately your baby arrives

The grandparents all at the same time

You should have the grandparents of your baby visit one set at a time. Grandparents visiting newborn can be sweet but having both grandparents in the same house at the same time is a bad idea. They will have various opinions on how to take care of the baby and this might cause tension between both families because you will be forced to take sides.

The bossy family member

As a new mom, you don’t need domineering or bossy personalities around you and your baby. You need people who are willing to work together, create a peaceful environment for you at this sensitive period of your life. Newborn baby visitors shouldn’t give you more stress.

The person who panics

People should know visiting a new born etiquette. Don’t allow anyone who always thinks things could go potentially wrong visit your new baby. These kinds of people project the worst-case scenario rapidly. They can’t put their concerns down sensibly.

The overbearing person

Who should visit a newborn, definitely not an overbearing person? An overbearing friend or family member may end up making you feel suffocated even if they have good intentions. They go ahead and do things without your permission and, without regard for how you would feel about that.

Your pregnant friend

When is it safe to visit a newborn as a pregnant woman? It can be too much for your pregnant friend to see what’s in store for her when she visits you immediately after your baby arrives. So, she shouldn’t visit you immediately after you give birth.

Your weird friend

Your weird, goofy friend who has a good heart but always breaks something or says something inappropriate should not visit immediately after you have a baby. No matter how much you want to show off your baby, let them wait.

Your chatty colleagues

Your colleagues shouldn’t visit you immediately you give birth because they will be talking about work and all you need as a new mom is some break from work and work-related stories. They can visit you later but not immediately after your baby comes.

Dear new moms, newborn visitors germs are real. Take cleanliness seriously as people troop in to visit you after you have your baby.


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