Nigeria is a 58 year old failure, an outstanding loser and a jerk

In Nigeria…

They can drag your son, accuse him of stealing, strip him, beat him, throw a tyre on him, and burn him to ashes.

You will find out that police officers stood by and watched this beastly act happen to your child.

You will get no justice.

What you will get is a BBC interview and 50 minutes of “fame” online, where everyone is yapping about your pain like a school project.

In Nigeria…

You will suffer third degree burns and there’d be no emergency number to dial. You will walk to the back of a truck that will drive you to a hospital where you will be turned back because they have no facilities to attend to your case. You are walking the streets with third degree burns, your pain is unbearable.

You will die.

Your family will have no answers.

They will blame the devil for your death.

In Nigeria…

We have textbooks in secondary schools where “father goes to work and mother stays at home” in 2018!

Textbooks that have pictures of popular musicians paraded as cultists.

There is no working government department that crosschecks these anomalies.

If you speak as a parent, if you address the poor standard of education and care in schools, you are blacklisted and treated like a sore on a thumb.

In Nigeria…

You will get no justice for rape. As a matter of fact, the authorities will blame you for “wearing that skirt”, “living alone as a single girl”, “being rude to a man”, “going out by 12am”.

You are guilty for being woman, independent, and outspoken.

Nigeria is a failure at 58

In Nigeria…

Your PVC means nothing.

Should we tell them?

Should we?

In Nigeria…

Politicans steal and rob… and nothing will happen to them.


You will yap on Twitter until you go grey… until they whistle your name from aso rock and shut it up with a redundant media position.

You are a Nigerian. You are easily bought. You have no substance, no true consistent moral standing… no real integrity.

So your voice will be quenched. Your opinions squeezed and dumped in the trashcan.

You will easily – with as little as N5m – become one of them.

In Nigeria…

Your brother will die as a soldier yet the government will not call to inform you of his death or compensate your family.

He died for nothing. For no cause. With no respect.

In Nigeria…

There are no solutions to bad roads, flood, electricity, poor health institutions, appalling education.

In Nigeria…

When you start a business, everything conspires to keep you under.

From employees to government levies to common envy.

You will be dragged, accused of every treachery that portrays you as a monster.

You will close your company and go to London.

In Nigeria…

There are no well equipped libraries. Forget what Chimamanda said.

We have no real libraries.

My children have yet to wall into a library.

All 250 books they have read, I bought every single one with my money.

Books are not cheap.

Ask for the price of one Enid Blyton or one Harry Potter. They have read read tons of them.

In Nigeria…

Government pull down factories to lease lands to churches where people go to pray for jobs.

In Nigeria…

If you do not have the grit of a warrior, you will die, you will perish.

And Nigeria will turn around and blame your for it.

In Nigeria…

The biggest institution is marriage. An institution that protects and justifies your lack of ambitions and mediocrity.

In Nigeria…

The richest community has bad water, graters for roads, and poor security.

You buy a houses running into millions just to live like a pauper.

In Nigeria…


A 58 year old failure.

An outstanding loser.

The worst kind of jerk.

You have everything. Yet you will not get up from your knees and put in the honest work to get great results.

The world has left us behind.

But we have jollof rice.

We pride ourselves as better jollof rice makers.

So… Happy Inde-whatever!

Written by Joy Isi Bewaji


Woman. Journalist. Writer. Blogger. Non Conformist. Rebel. Daring. Creative. Amazing. Unstoppable.

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    All our problems written in one very spectacular article!

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