10 things you should do if you run into your ex

What do you do if you run into your ex? Do you hide in shame or face him with confidence? Do you feel grateful for having let him go or feel pained for getting dumped? Whatever the case maybe, you need to prepare yourself for when you suddenly bump into your ex.

As much as you want to pretend that your ex ceases to exist after you have broken up with him, the harsh reality is that he is still living his life, even after he stopped being a part of yours.

This is why figuring out what to do when you run into him is not easy. You can’t always control whether or not or when you see each other face to face again.

There are some things you can do to make yourself look calm, cool, and collected when you run into a former partner even if you are seething underneath it all.

Imagine the worst-case scenario

Being taken by surprise by suddenly running into someone you once dated can leave you looking insecure, simply because the meeting was not anticipated. You should imagine the worst case scenario, remain composed and plan what can you say and do to appear unaffected. Envisioning this will allow you to be less caught off guard if an unplanned encounter occurs. This is what to do when you run into your ex in public.

Be confident woman

Running into an ex who dumped you is not easy. Woman, do not underestimate what your confidence can do for you. By reeking of confidence, you are giving yourself permission to be strong even when you should be weak. Bumping into an ex can be tough, no doubt, but if you can muster all of your self confidence for that moment and use it to your advantage, you can come out feeling better about yourself.

What you should do if you run into your ex

Have a favourable plan

You must have thought about some scenarios after your break up. What will you say? Will he tell you how amazing you look and how much he regrets breaking up? You have to decide on time how to survive bumping into your ex, and stick to that plan to avoid being caught off-guard.

Be compassionate with him

Be compassionate with your ex when you run into him. Nobody is perfect and we all make mistakes. You two are probably to blame for whatever happened between both of you. You once depended on each other for love and support but things didn’t work out well in the end. Don’t be dramatic about your past relationship with him, have some compassion.

Keep your conversation short

Say hello to him without feeling forced to. You can also drop a line about how awesome you are doing, and end the conversation on a good note. You can also pretend you are in a hurry or have to be somewhere else even if your heart is still skipping beats from seeing him again.This is what to do when you see your ex for the first time.

Take the high road

Running into an ex you still love can be painful but resist the urge to be nasty to him. Any sort of negative reaction to your ex, whether it is rudeness, anger, defensiveness, or coldness, makes you look like he still has some sort of emotional hold on you. Instead, ooze grace, warmth, and poise. Leave your past in the past and look forward to your future with a better man.

Call for friendly backup

Spending time with friends is important in getting over your ex. Your friends should be able to bail you out if you can’t trust your feelings regarding him. Let them know ahead of time how you want to handle things, and make sure they know that they shouldn’t be rude to him no matter how much they hate him. Give them a time limit after which you want them to bail you out of the conversation.

Be respectful

It’s tempting to try to make your ex jealous or to publicly flirt with someone else, but you need to keep in mind that breakups are hard on everyone involved, and your ex is probably having their own emotional response to seeing you. Making out with someone else in front of your ex is rude. Move on with your life but respectfully. This is what to do if you run into your ex during no contact for a while or a long time.

Delete his number

Seeing your ex, especially for the first time after a breakup may bring up old feelings. Going from laughing, playing, going out for dates, crying, cuddling with him on almost a regular basis to an awkward “How have you been?” conversation can be emotional, and you might be tempted to text him afterwards. But don’t do it. Delete his number immediately if you haven’t done that after the break up.

Consider scheduling a meeting

If you and your ex have the same group of friends or frequent the same spots, you can schedule a meeting with him beforehand. This gives you the opportunity to plan ahead and diffuse some of the stress associated with the situation. This is very important when you both are involved professionally and you have to maintain appropriate boundaries after your breakup.

So ladies, apply these rules and live life to the full.


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