Women accusing men of sexual assault should ‘show the evidence’ says Melania Trump

First Lady Melania Trump says women who make accusations of sexual abuse “need to be heard” and supported, but so do men. She says when there are accusations there needs to be really hard evidence and accusers should “show the evidence.”

Mrs. Trump was interviewed on her Kenya trip by ABC, which aired portions Wednesday on “Good Morning America.” Asked whether she supports the MeToo movement. Mrs. Trump said, “I support the women, and they need to be heard. We need to support them. And, you know, also men, not just women.”

President Donald Trump, accused of sexual assault by numerous women over the years, has said it’s “a scary time” for men facing allegations from years ago, as with Brett Kavanaugh. Kavanaugh denied those, as has Trump.

Melania Trump says women should show evidence

Chief National Affairs Correspondent Tom Llamas, who conducted the interview, pointed out that her answer to the #MeToo question might be seen as not supporting victims, a concern that the First Lady brushed aside.

‘I do stand with women but we need to show the evidence. You cannot just say to somebody, I was, you know, sexually assaulted and or you did that to me,’ she says.

‘Because sometimes the media goes too far and the way they portray some stories, it’s not correct. It’s not right.’

 Prior to that, The First Lady was seen discussing how hard her job has been in the White House when it comes to finding partners with for her Be Best initiative.

‘It’s sad to see that organizations and foundations that I want to partner with chose not to because of the administration,’ says the First Lady.

‘I feel they are choosing the politics over helping others.’

When asked to name a charity or initiative that turned her down, the First Lady declines.

‘I’m not going to talk about it, they know who they are,’ she tells Llamas.

‘I’m not going to put them out in front of the world.’

Culled from www.dailymail.co.uk


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