10 exercises for better sex women should know

There are exercises for better sex all women should do so as to enjoy steamy orgasms. If you want to improve the quality of your sex life, you need to know the right exercise to do. Exercises don’t just help you tone up and slim down, they can also make sex so much hotter. Women can try any or all of these exercises during your next work out for a more intense orgasm afterwards.


Getting physical can ramp up the pleasure for you and your partner.  Any activity that gets your heart beating faster and you breathing harder, from brisk walking to cycling, can boost blood flow including to your nether regions. That’s a plus for both genders: stronger erections for men, and greater arousal for women.


Squats are a terrific leg and butt toner, but they can also get the blood flowing to the places that may energize your libido. Squat will help many women with arousal to get blood flowing to the genitalia. With your feet spread shoulder-width apart, make sure your heels stay on the floor as you ‘sit’ on an imaginary chair. The lower you squat, the more you reap the benefits.

10 exercises for better sex women should do


Swimming builds endurance, boosts blood flow, improves flexibility and strength, and slashes stress. It also burns some serious calories. Swimming is a plus for anyone who’s overweight especially obese women who find it hard to get aroused and enjoy steamy sex with their partners.


This is a perfect way to strengthen the deepest layer of your abdominal muscles along with your upper arms, thighs, and buttocks. These muscles help stabilize you so you can stay close to your partner when and where it counts most.

Core and abs workout

A strong, flexible core underpins most everything you do. That includes performing between the sheets. You may be one of the lucky people who can have an orgasm while exercising sometimes called a ‘coregasm.’ It tends to happen during core-strengthening workouts like crunches.


To help hold yourself in a favorable position without your back or legs giving out, try the hinge. Lean back at a 45-degree angle for a few seconds before returning upright, and repeat. The move is subtle but creates a lot of staying power.

Kegel exercise

Developed to treat urinary incontinence, Kegel strengthens your pelvic floor muscles, and that means explosive orgasms. Women may be more familiar with Kegel, but they also help men prevent premature ejaculation.

Pelvic thrust

Whether your favorite position is missionary or cowgirl, this move is a key part of it. But powerful pushes can be exhausting when you are out of shape. Pelvic thrusts also sculpt your booty, so you feel good and look good. Lie on your back with knees bent and feet flat on the floor, shoulder-width apart. Raise your pelvic region in a straight line like a bridge. Hold your abdominals in while you tighten your glutes and push your inner thighs toward each other. Slowly lower to the floor and repeat, 20 to 25 reps, if possible.

Biceps Curls

This is one of the exercises that make women crave the almighty O. If you want to get toned, have gorgeous arms and also boost your sex drive, grab your hand weights and work in 15 to 20 reps of biceps curls. Strength training increases testosterone levels naturally and is healthy too. The testosterone levels that are generated create the tipping point for desire.

Frog pose

This move will make you more flexible during lovemaking. It’s an intense hip opener that stretches your inner thighs, groin, and hips. It also releases stress, which can be a real buzz-kill in bed.


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