Plus size ladies make best wives says Doris Anyanwu

Plus size babe Doris Ijeoma Anyanwu is an entrepreneur who believes that women on the big side make better wives. She recently emerged second runner-up in the Miss Big Bold and Beautiful South-South 2018 pageant.

Talking about her experiences with men as a plus size lady, Doris said most men don’t spite her because of her size because she believes everybody can’t love her the way she looks.

According to her,  “I’ve not really met any man who would spite me because of my size. If he doesn’t love plus-sized women, why will he come to me in the first place?”

Doris says plus size women make best wives

Shedding light on whether she has been mocked, abused or looked down upon because of her size, Doris confessed that she has experienced that a number of times especially in commercial buses where people beg her to pay for two seats with a smirk or mischievous grin on their faces.

Doris says it’s frustrating to deal with people. She said sometimes, someone who doesn’t know her will just walk up to her and start advertising weight loss herbs. She feels embarrassed by all these but doesn’t take them to heart. She just ignores rude people with smiles.

Doris debunked the notion that plus size women find it hard to marry either because they play hard to get or men do not like plus-size women.

According to Doris, lots of plus-size women out there are married and are still getting married. Plus-size brides are trending all over the place. There are electronic proofs of marriages of big women all over social media. If you don’t have a plus-size bride, you are at a loss, she added.

Doris said that a plus-size woman is the best woman any man can have as his wife. This is because plus-size women are sexy, gorgeous, beautiful, and above all, very kind-hearted and accommodating. Plus-size women make the best wives.

According to Doris what makes such women thick and sexy is their curves, thighs, hips, boobs and butts that are all natural. God has made such women endowed. They don’t need man-made hips and pads to look sexy.


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