Poor people are the biggest problem of pop culture -Joy Isi Bewaji

Poor people are the biggest problems of pop culture. They will question your right to sex/love/luxury in a world where they cannot afford to buy garri.

“Tiwa has no shame. Ashawo.”

Lol! Tiwa is not their problem. Their problem is their rent that will expire in two months and not a single kobo in their bank account to fix that. Tiwa is their imaginary punching bag to ease the tension and shame of being so damn irrelevant in a world progressing with the speed of light.

“I feel sorry for Jam Jam. He will be so embarrassed to have a mother like Tiwa when he grows up.”

Poor people are the biggest problem of pop culture

Lmao! Jam jam’s mother is one of the most relevant and successful music artistes in Africa. Because of her, he got an endorsement the minute he was born. Jam jam’s Pampers endorsement probably happened in his mother’s womb. Yet YOU are sorry for him?

You can’t even pay your children’s school fees without gathering half your family members to a sitting room meeting to cry a bucket of tears! You are nothing in the scale of real value!

“God will not allow men to marry women who insult them like this inside and outside marriage…”

Bwahahahhahahahaha!!! Ma’frend, get the fuck out of here! If it hurts you so much that women know what they want, Lekki bridge is just around the corner.

Take a jog, sweat that bitterness out… or take a jump, end your bitterness once and for all . Any one you choose is good enough for us.

The bitterness of a poor (wo)man is like a coin tossed into a gutter. It’s a small price to give.

Leave them. Declare recharge card or N5k giveaway and watch them move from cursing you on Instablog to worshipping you on BellaNaija.

The biggest flaw of the poor is their inconsistencies, their sycophancy is top notch. Do not live for the opinions of rats.

I don’t care what anyone calls you…

You must go out there, and you must live the life YOU want.

End of story!

Written by Joy Isi Bewaji


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