Married man, his friends rape 16-year-old girl

Two guys from my gym lured, drugged and gang raped a 16 years old girl with some of their friends.

I’m so disgusted, I can’t believe I’ve been sharing same space and using same workout equipments with rapists!

The information we got was that after raping the girl, they dropped her off by the roadside, even though she was still under the influence of whatever drugs they gave her.

Thankfully a good samaritan helped her locate her home and immediately the drugs wore off she told her parents what happened.

As of this moment the bloody rapists are cooling off in police custody. Some of our gym members are still there right now trying to make sure they don’t get bailed.

I’m so glad the family of the victim didn’t blame their daughter or force her to keep quiet about the rape so as not to bring “shame” to their family name.

I’m so glad they took up the case and are trying to get justice for their daughter.
From the looks of things they won’t allow this matter to be swept under the carpet.

One of the rapist is even a married man with a son who is about 4 or 5 years old.

I would never have imagined he can be capable of such evil. He seemed so reserved and responsible.

Both rapists are very handsome young men, tall with muscles and six packs in the right places, they could easily get the consent of a lot of women for sex if they want to, so why did they resort to drugging and raping a minor? I just don’t get it. How cruel can humans be?

Their phones were searched and video of the rape was found. They recorded the rape. They recorded it!

Married men and his friends rape 16 year old girl


I really don’t understand what is going on in our society anymore.

Almost everyday we hear of at least one rape case and the government seems to be doing little or nothing about this dangerous culture many of our men seem to have cultivated.

Many rapists are walking free, destroying the lives of girls and women. I’m so scared for the girl children and women who are unfortunate to be citizens of this country and have to live in this country.

Our girls are not safe anywhere, even in their schools, places of worship and homes.
Our women are not safe, even at home and in their places of work.

No one knows who the next victim will be and no one knows who the predator could be, because they don’t write “I’m a rapist” on their faces.

Are we to continue to live in permanent fear in our own society because we were born females?

I urge every responsible man reading this who truly abhors rape, sexual harassment and sexual molestation of children to speak up now! Your silence is so deafening, speak up!

We women have been screaming our lungs out for ages. You’ve accused us of generalising, you’ve accused us of exaggerating, you’ve tried to drown our voices with blames and stupid rules to follow in order not to get raped, meanwhile the rape culture seems not to be going away.

It’s high time you men joined us in this fight.
If you are truly concerned, if you are truly against rape, if indeed it is true that not all men rape, then speak up against rape at any opportunity you get, in bars, at the football field, on social media, etc.

Condemn rape and child sexual abuse without mincing words. Talk to your fellow men to stop raping women and girls.

Yes, these rapists are your hommies, your Gs, your home boys, your brothers, fathers, cousins, uncles, colleagues, neighbours, in-laws, team-mates, classmates, etc.

Some of them confide in you after committing such atrocities, stop protecting and covering up for them.

You are doing a great disservice to your conscience (if you have any), and to the society at large when you cover up for a rapist.

Instead of sitting in one corner saying “not all men rape,” instead of preaching forgiveness or looking for ways to blame and shame the victims, speak up against rape, condemn the act, make sure rapists face justice!

Anyone can be a victim of rape tomorrow.
You may say it doesn’t concern you because you are a man, but remember you have sisters, female cousins and friends, you have or will have daughters.

Any of them can be a victim. Even your precious mother can be a victim. So this concerns all of us.

Boys, men, when you drug someone to have sex with her, even if she visited your home, it is rape.

When you have sex with a minor (anyone below 18 years) even if she agreed to it, even if she looks bigger and mature for her age, it is rape. A minor cannot give valid consent.

When you continue forcing your way into a woman (no matter who she is to you) after she has withdrawn consent and told you to stop, it is rape.

When you have sex with a drunk woman even with her consent, it is rape. A drunk or drugged person can’t give valid consent. When you threaten a woman in order to obtain sex from her, it is rape.




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