4-year-old girl bleeding for two weeks after rape

A 4-year-old girl has been bleeding for two weeks after she was raped by a man of over 30 years in Aba, Abia state. When I got this call, the story literally messed me up. I’m sobbing, and lost for words.

The parents of the girl noticed she was bleeding, and asked her what happened to her. She confirmed that an uncle took her to a lonely corner and raped her.

He then gave her N50 naira and warned her not tell anyone or else she will die. The parents of the girl couldn’t do anything because they are ‘supposedly’ poor.

They couldn’t even get proper medical care for the girl. Now a good Samaritan came back to see his family in Aba and heard about this, he quickly arm twisted the police to arrest the evil man.

Girl bleeding for two weeks after being raped

The annoying aspect of this story is that the family of the guy is now begging the girl’s family to come to a peaceful agreement. They want to pay any amount mentioned.

But nothing of such will happen, Grace Uzunma Nmah and I will find this case to the last.

I just spoke to the father of the girl to back off the case. I told him never to discuss anything with the people from the rapist family again. Abia State government will get justice for this little innocent girl.

This girl is in serious pains. Please any medical personnel who could help us give this girl proper medical care should come forward. I would be grateful for their assistance.

Onyinyechi Nwosu Joyce Chinwe Akubueze please I need you guys to join us in seeing this matter to the end

Lord have mercy. I’m yet to talk about #JusiceForOchanya and now this! A 4 year old?? Oh Lord.

Parents, please don’t allow your children around people you don’t trust 100%. I don’t know if I’m loosing faith in men but girls need to be protected from rapists.

Written by Chinemenma Umeseaka


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