Why do men hate it when women set marriage standards for themselves?

Some women say they can’t marry a man who earns 50k a month, men are on the post shouting.

Another woman said she can’t marry a man who earns less than 500k a month, some men have carried rope, tied it round their necks and have gone to hang themselves on her wall.

But why?
What happened to CHOICES?
Ona nor know choice again?

Why do men start loosing sleep the moment women set standards for themselves? Why?

You will see a pot bellied man saying I can’t date a woman who is not slim, shapely with a flat tummy.

You will see a stark illiterate man say he can’t date a woman who is not in school or a graduate.

You will see an ugly man choosing women based on looks, that one is not fine, that one too worwor etc.

A woman says she can’t marry a man who earns 50k

You will see a bald headed man, saying he can’t date a woman who doesn’t have full and long hair, Cos he likes natural beauty..

You will see a skinny man saying I like my women round and robust. Chubby women are my spec.

You will see a broke ass man seeking a relationship with a financially independent working class lady and when she turns him down, he insults her – Ashawo, Las Las No be man like me go climb you..

You will see a lazy ass man saying, I can’t date a woman who is not hard working. She must know how to cook very well, do house chores, wash my clothes, take care of the babies and then satisfy my insatiable appetite sexually every night etc..

I can go on and on and on…

So why are men up in arms because a lady said she can’t date a man that earns less than 500k a month even if she is jobless AF?

What is your problem? If you don’t earn within her required range, waka pass, she is not for you.

Stop trying to bully women into conformity with your mediocrity.

There is no human being earning 50k a month in present day Nigeria that will like to marry themselves.


Stop romanticising nonsense please. Don’t come and rough handle our BabyGirl life with your poverty Biko. We are not your ancestors.

Written by Esiri Ukueku-Uduaghan


Woman. Journalist. Writer. Blogger. Non Conformist. Rebel. Daring. Creative. Amazing. Unstoppable.

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