Ladies have the right to specify the kind of men they want to marry

All these men threatening ladies with menopause and getting old in their father’s houses because they said they won’t marry men who earn 50k, do you know ladies can have children without getting married?

Do you know that many ladies are living on their own and not with their parents? Do you know that some ladies would rather become single mothers than put up with noise makers who want them to embrace poverty?

Leave women alone to state the kind of men they want to marry. Why are you people tearing your boxers over the choice of grown women regarding the kind of men they don’t want to marry? What is the problem?

Men have been specifying the kind of women they will and will not marry for years, and people are cool with it. They are hailed for saying they can’t marry women who can’t cook even if they can’t boil egg.

Men who are as ugly as the character Shrek can boldly state that they want models for wives and you people will nod in agreement like hungry Agama lizard.

Ladies have the right to specify the kind of men they want to marry

Men with pot bellies as big as six months pregnancy will come out and declare that their wives must be slim, beautiful and intelligent and you will clap for them like Hollywood actors.

Now, women are saying what they want from men they want to settle down with and some of you have turned inspirational speakers, dishing out meaningless grass-to-grace stories just to silence them. Who poverty epp?

You tell women to marry a man with vision and prospects while men are busy looking for women with big boobs and buttocks plus chefs and cleaners to wife. Men look out for pretty faces, well shaped breasts and rounded buttocks and no one is whining.

Will vision put food on the table if it’s not converted to money? Do men marry women because of vision? How many men even marry their wives because of vision minus physical attraction and culinary and cleaning skills?

You people should stop disturbing my eyes. If a woman says she can’t marry a man that earns 50k, wish her well and move on. Stop threatening her with eternal single hood. The last time I checked, bring single is not a crime.


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