Grieving sister calls out late sister’s husband for causing her death (3)

A grieving woman is not holding back as she is calling out her late sister’s husband for causing her death.

She has been looking for friut of the womb for so long, just when it happened, we lost her and 2 babies. No peace for the wicked.

Her Friends were calling to know how she was, you kept telling them she was sleeping, doctor wants her to rest even when she was in coma, even after she died.

You turned one of her friends to your spy, calling to know our plans, pretending she was with us. Even sent her to our village a day before she was expected to arrive, just to help you snoop.

Tina i hope you feel good about yourself now, Gina was your friend, she trusted you, she loved and looked out for you. This is how you pay her back.

Husband blamed for pregnant wife’s death by the deceased sister

This is a heartbreaking story. What would make a man treat his pregnant wife this way? Why would he joke with her health knowing her condition? This is such a sad story.


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