This is why some Nigerian women don’t ask their husbands for sex

Do you know that some Nigerian women find it hard to ask their husbands for sex? These women who have blood running in their veins believe it’s not a woman’s place to ask a man for sex.

No wonder we have many angry married women everywhere looking for who to dump their sexual frustrations on. These women who are punishing themselves sexually go about with anger and bitterness as if someone caused their problem.

I was discussing sex with my friends recently and one woman walked by and shook her head at us. We looked at her as if she came from Mars because we didn’t understand why she would be shaking her head because we were talking about sex.

When I asked her if she asks her husband for sex whenever she’s horny, she did the God forbid sign and told me that she doesn’t ask her husband for sex so that he doesn’t think she’s a prostitute.

This is why some Nigerian women don’t ask their husbands for sex

My mouth was open for God knows how long. I looked at her with pity in my eyes. I told her that whenever I am horny and hubby is around, I don’t only ask for sex, I start kissing and touching him. I take my orgasms.

She called my friends and I irresponsible married women. She claimed that married women shouldn’t ask for sex but should wait for it whenever their husbands are in the mood to have sex. She claims that’s what virtuous women do in marriages.

I have come across some women who believe the same crap. They believe that asking their husbands, their own husbands for sex makes the men think they are whores.

How did this nonsense start? Are you not your husband’s whore? If you are married to a man that you cannot tell you are horny and want to enjoy his penis and orgasms, who will you tell?

Where do these women meet these men that they can’t even express themselves to sexually and otherwise? If you can’t ask your husband for sex when you are horny, who will you ask, your shadow?

Dear married women, if you are horny, ask your husband for sex. Go to him, kiss him, touch him, give him blow job, climb on his penis and ride it. He’s your husband and it is your right to have sex with him.


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