Grieving woman calls out late sister’s husband for causing her death (4)

A young woman who lost her sister under shady circumstances has continued to call out her late sister’s husband for neglecting her health which ultimately led to her death last month.

She said: “I spoke with her on Friday, 5th, then on the same 6th at about 6pm she spoke with a friend , they gisted for long, her friend even reminded her that she needed to drop her phone and rest just like the doctors have prescribed.

The same friend he once warned to stop communicating with the wife, she is an outspoken person and he felt she was going to corrupt the wife. Their call ended some minutes before 7pm.

Then 2 minutes to 7pm he placed the first call to my elder sister and also sent her that picture( refer to part 1). Now I ask, what happened between the time her call to her friend ended and the time you called?

You came back home that day around 3pm, why did you wait till 7pm before calling?

The late sister and her husband

How come someone who was lively enough to gist and chat away for over 30minutes suddenly looked unconscious few minutes later? A lot of unanswered questions.

Some time in September, a young girl of about 16years came to stay with her to assist her at home, she was asked why she didn’t contact the family when she noticed her aunty was very down, she claimed she didn’t have airtime.

She was asked why she didn’t raise an alarm or notify the neighbors and she said was under instructions from you and your brother not to tell anyone that she was sick.


This is so sad. I don’t understand why a woman you call your wife will be sick and you won’t care for her knowing that she’s pregnant with your children after looking for the fruit of the womb for years?

What kind of husbands are some women married to these days and why should a woman continue living with a man who doesn’t care about her life, health and safety?

I don’t like reading such stories because it breaks my heart. No woman deserves to die at the hands of the man she married. It is one of the worst fate ever.


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2 Responses

  1. Nonnie says:

    This woman looks like Oluoma!
    Please the family need to hold this man down until they get the truth from him.
    Somethings aren’t just right.

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