Woman kills daughter because the child plays on her phone too much

A  mother killed her daughter because the child spent too much time playing on her mobile phone.

The 29-year-old parent, who is unemployed, confessed to the police in Chifeng city, China that she got into an argument with the seven-year-old and beat her – having seen her constantly playing on her phone.

Mother kills daughter for playing with her phone too much

Still feeling angry, she then went into the kitchen to get a cleaver before slashing her daughter in the wrist, according to the mother who has been identified as Gao.

As her daughter tried to escape from the room, Ms Gao squeezed her neck and suffocated the primary school pupil, reported Inner Mongolia Morning Post, citing a statement from Chifeng Public Security Bureau.

The incident took place last Saturday in the Hongshan District of Chifeng.

The report claimed that Ms Gao’s husband was working in another city around the year, leaving her to look after their daughter who was a first-grade pupil.

Mother who killed her daughter because of phone arrested

It is said that Ms Gao and her husband divorced a few years ago, but then re-married for the sake of their daughter.

The woman turned herself into the police on the same day for killing her daughter because of a phone. She has been arrested on suspicious of intentional killing.


This is a heartbreaking story. How can a mother kill her own child because of a phone? What happened to taking the phone away if she felt her seven year old daughter is playing with it too much?

This world is not my home. The kind of bizarre stories we read everyday are unbelievable. This woman must have mental issues to have killed her own child over usage of a mobile phone.

I hope she doesn’t escape justice. No child deserves to die such gruesome death at the hands of their parents over a phone. Rest in peace little girl.


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