10 annoying things society expects from married women

It’s annoying that married women are expected to do the impossible to keep their marriages while men are just left alone to behave anyhow.

You must carry your husband along no matter how rich you are, take him everywhere your company sends you so he won’t start suspecting you of infidelity.

You must not allow your success get into your head by disrespecting your husband because no matter what you achieve, he’s your head. What an annoying sentence.

You must not talk to your husband anyhow because you make more money so that his ego won’t be bruised. Men have huge egos.

Annoying things society expects from married women

You must submit everything about you, including your life and future to your husband because he is the head of your home.

You must not continue hanging out with your single friends now that you are married so that they won’t mislead you in life.

You must not listen to any story about your husband running around town with babes so you don’t destroy your marriage.

You must not bring out money in the presence of family members so that you don’t belittle your husband before them.

You must not tell people that you bought your car with your money. If they ask you, tell them your husband did. Save his pride as a man.

You must not build a house in your name, remember you are just a woman and you are nothing without your husband. Build your house in his name.

You must not question your husband even if he’s squandering your hard earned money on irrelevancies and running your family into the ground.

You don’t question a man. Whatever he says, you say ‘yes sir. ‘

You see these points up there, they have destroyed many women. Many women have been left damaged and penniless by living according to these loads of trash society expects from them just to keep irresponsible and wicked men.

A marriage is a partnership between two adults willing to build their lives together and not a master servant relationship where one party is expected to do the impossible to please the other.



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