Nigeria needs women who understand what it means to be female icons for girls

Nigeria truly needs women who really know what it means to be female icons and role models for young girls.

We need women who can boldly talk about their works, achievements, accomplishments, career defining moments without talking about cooking, cleaning, washing and kneeling skills.

This annoying narrative of successful women being reduced by Nigeria media to cooking, cleaning, washing and kneeling experts is annoying and outdated.

Successful women should stop responding to stupid questions during interviews about what they do for husbands and talk about how they got to the top. They need to tell their stories to encourage girls and young ladies who are hungry to be successful in their chosen fields.


This post captures my thoughts perfectly:

“So someone said “Ibukun Awosika” didn’t say in her interview that “she kneels down for her husband” but that “she can still kneel down for her husband”.

As far as I’m concerned, it’s the same freaking difference. A case of Potato/Potahto.

Nigeria needs female icons for young girls

Cos this “Can still Kneel Down” information she supplied is in proof of what?
So she can be perceived as what?
Why the need for that validation at all?

I’m president of Nigeria, but I can still kneel down for my husband…

I’m the richest female in Africa, but I still wash my husband’s boxers…

I’m the world’s most renown lawyer… But I still cook fresh meals everyday for my husband..

I’m the Head of the Nigerian Army, but I can still lie down for my husband..

It’s the exact same narrative..pining for the exact same societal validation. Why the need to?

“Pick Me Women” feel a desperate need to portray a subservient wifely image for their successes in their professional fields to be fully accepted by society.

So when those stupid questions come their way, rather than swiftly discard them to the side and redirect the conversation to their worthy achievements they jump at the opportunity to tell us how they help wash their husband’s penises right after he takes a leak.

To what end for goodness sakes?

It’s complete and utter crap.

Can’t you see that men do not labour under these kind of inferiorities?. They feel no need to prove that they are good Husbands or fathers for their achievements to be accepted, recognized or celebrated by society.

Can’t you see that Men aren’t NEEDY like this, or give a hoot about these kinds of validations?

Why do women then? It’s a brokenness, a psychological damage that needs to be addressed and it won’t be if we keep glossing over it.

We really & truly need women who understand exactly how to be female icons, for the sake of our daughters and the whole of womanhood.

Ladies, when you bag that noteworthy achievement and you are being interviewed, ensure that the limelight remains on your achievement, so that whatever will be credited to you is credited to your sterling talent, your hardwork and your womanhood.

You don’t need this “subservient to man” female narrative to be great. You are great and complete in your womanhood. Stop pandering to societies standard requirements for likable females.. That’s a “PickMe” mentality.

We really need to address this inferiority.

Written by Esiri Ukueku-Uduaghan



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