What girls say when fishing for men on social media

When girls are fishing for men on social media…

“Marry a man with vision not television.”

(I hope you know this entire vision thing is a scam? At least you can watch Zee World if you settle for television man)

“I am not one of those slay queens. I make a decent income and I am content. Contentment is better than silver and gold.”

(So you can’t juggle a business empire on one hand and liposuction and surgically enhanced butt on the other?)

“I think feminism should cut men some slack, they are trying. It’s not easy to be a man.”

(I don’t care for feminism… but don’t make it seem like men are doing something extraordinary. More men are pulling out of parental responsibilities every day. So shush!)

“We went out and I insisted we split the bill. It was N4,833. I am no gold digger.”


“Don’t cover your real beauty with makeup. Give your face a break.”

(Always the women who look like they need to invest in a bottle of serum talk this mess. We apply makeup… but we still look better than you in the morning!)

“Take your man out sometimes. Show him love. Pamper him. Shower him with praises. Call him lord. Give him a massage.”

(Lord, you look mighty lordy in your masculinity today. Shall I proceed with a massage?)

What girls say when fishing for men on social media

“If you earn more than your man, be humble. There’s nothing wrong in handing over the money to him every month.”

(If you were my daughter, I’d disown you)

“Beauty is vain. A real woman focuses on the inside *sic*”

(A real woman uses moisturizer. Period)

“Don’t let a strange woman into your man’s life.”

(The only strange person in that kind of situation is your man. And what really can you do if he falls for a “strange woman”? Nothing, my darling)

“Don’t be fooled by social media, N3k is enough to make a pot of soup. Women, learn to manage.”


“Nobody is perfect.”

(Says the woman who is ready to change an abuser… because “love”)

“I dont care what’s happening out there, I am going to have a very beautiful marriage.”

(50% responsibility of this declaration is totally out of your hands, darling)

“Ride or die chick.”

(You will die)

Written by Joy Isi Bewaji

It is clear that when girls are fishing for men on social media, they will say anything to appeal to these men.

I pity these girls who say silly and annoying stuff because they want to be picked by men on social media. In the end, they get the men they fish for.


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