Men don’t need respect more than women

Men don’t need respect more than women. Men don’t deserve to be respected more than women. Men don’t need respect like oxygen while women should be treated like doormats.

This silly narrative that respect is the air men breath is a tool used by insecure men to continue to subjugate women in this part of the world.

It is annoying that people who preach this silly gospel are quick to use the Bible to back up their need to control women and treat them badly.

I ask these preachers of the men need respect gospel if God created women to be disrespected or treated like slaves and as usual, they have no answers.

Instead, they go on and on about how God created men first women as an afterthought and commanded women to submit to men and respect him.

Men don’t need respect more than women

I laugh.

I mean, if you need a Bible to tell you how to treat another human being then something is wrong with you.

If you run to the Bible all the time to dig out scriptures you use to subjugate your woman, you are a wicked person. And you don’t even obey every commandment in the Bible yet you use it to justify irresponsibility and wickedness.

Take this scenario for example.

Man insults woman, people keep quiet.

Woman insults man back, people start reprimanding her with silly lines:

“You don’t talk to a man like that. ”

“Don’t you have respect, you don’t talk back at a man? ”

“No matter what he said, you shouldn’t have responded like that, Men will be men.”

“Is this how you will behave in your husband’s house?”

“Are you sure you will last long in a man’s house with the way you talk?”

“God created men to be respected, women shouldn’t be insulting men. ”

These lines are familiar to many Nigerian women yet these preachers of the respect gospel fail to call men insulting and disrespecting women to order. Such a sick mentality.

Dear people, men and women deserve to be respected. No gender needs respect more than the other. Respect is not gender specific. Give the respect you want to receive from others and we will all be fine.



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