Poor people are animals says Joy Isi Bewaji

Someone in my inbox asked, “Joy, what did poor people do to you? Chai! I will never be poor IJN.”

IJN means “in Jesus’ name”, by the way. Which is a poor way to ask Jesus for help.

Lol! Don’t mind me.

Let me, however, make something clear.

I don’t care much for those who do not carry financial weight.

Poverty is not just about money.

Many financially buoyant individuals are poor.

Poverty is an attitude. It is a mindset. It is a lifestyle.

There are patterns to poverty that grate my nerves.

And these behavioural patterns are what I stand against.

For instance…

A poor man starts his day screaming at his child/ward from as early as 5.30am.

You can hear a poor mother insulting her 6 year old child before day breaks.

When I was young, I would hear mothers calling their 5 year olds “ashawo”, “bastard”, “God punish you” as early as 6am, while I would still be sleeping in my room designed by my father.

We lived close to the sea and apart from Honeywell factory at the other end of the street, we were surrounded by Ilaje shanties of very angry parents and children deprived of any form of love or respect.

That behaviour is what makes them poor. Not necessarily the shack they live in.

A poor parent insults a child, and just at the tip of calling him a “useless bastard”, he summons his entire household for morning prayers!

That’s poverty – of the mind, of the soul, down to the abyss of his being.

When morning prayers are done, the insults continue. The screaming, the anger, the general bad behaviour FROM A PARENT.

Most times, these parents are screaming at children barely 9 years old.

Their offence? As fickle as a child taking water from the basin instead of the pot to brush his teeth OR for keeping his towel on a stool instead of a bucket or for failing to wash a napkin.

Demons parading as parents.

The child carries a world of gloom and depression to school. His morning damaged by the people who should love him more than anyone else in the world.

We never prayed while I was growing up, and I was never called names as a child. That is what makes my childhood rich.

Poor people are animals, I detest poor people

I have seen parents flog their 7 year old child so badly for sleeping while selling mangoes or oranges.

You leave a child in the sun to sell oranges, while her mates are in school…

You wake up 2 hours later in your one room, and look through your window to see your own child with her head down, trying to catch some sleep.

You rush out of your shack with boiling rage, and you pounce on the child like an animal.

Poor people are animals!

Have you seen where an underaged child is beaten for losing N50 whilst making her sales for the day?
Should she even be selling anything at that age? Should she be on the streets selling groundnuts at all? If this was a sane society, shouldn’t social welfare arrest these lazy poor parents?

Not even a criminal in Kirikiri is treated with such disdain.

And of course, you cannot deny how appalling their choices are.

You make N50k a month from your trade and you go and marry and give birth to four children.

Are you not mad?

If you had any self-dignity, how do you plan to take care of a family with N50k?

If you have any shame and you are not living on a whim, how do you think N50k will see you through raising a family of six?

When they enjoy a bit of “fortune”, say they now make N70k…

What does a poor person do when he earns N70k?

He goes and marries a second wife.

If he isn’t so dramatic, he would skip the idea of a second wife and just fuck another child out of the wife at home.

A poor man will marry a woman and make her a housewife, while he earns N85k and lives in Lagos, not Oshobgo.

He earns N85k and is fully responsible for another adult and they are both expecting twins.

Hand-to-mouth disaster.

You see what I did there?

I said a poor man who earns N70k…

Because a rich man can earn N70k.

It’s not the money that makes you poor, it is your choices, your lifestyle.

A “rich man” who earns N70k will definitely not make the same choices as the poor man.

It’s amazing why we still think “poor people” are humble and the rich arrogant.

Poor people are the most arrogant species of the human race. They are arrogant even to their offspring.

And that sense of entitlement…. aaaaaargh!!!

I just want to pull their oesophagus out!

Go to poor areas and see what these people do to children, and tell me why anyone should bring children into this world just so they can unleash their venom on them.

Poverty is not always about money.

It is about integrity.

Is your word your bond? Or are you just a bloody asshole?

I have seen a man in a Range Rover drive off just because a woman, selling roasted corn under the sun, will not remove N10 from the corn he wants to buy.


He bargained for close to 10 minutes. She said the corn was N70. He stuck out N100 and told her he wants it for N60.

He dangled the money at her like a carrot. She tried to explain to him that she isn’t making much profit from it. He hissed and drove off, making sure his tyres carried dust into the smoke she was already covered in.

Fucking poor man!

Range Rover and Emporio Armani wristwatch couldn’t stop his poverty from ruining the vibe and mood of a bright afternoon.

I remember one date I had many years ago.

Rich dude, financially.

We went clubbing, after a few hours, we thought we could go to some other club.

When we got to the car park, he came up with this bright idea of me distracting the area boys so he could drive out of the assigned parking spot that was given to him without paying.

Question: How much was this nigga supposed to pay?

Answer: N100

This mudafucka wanted me to distract area boys because he didn’t want to pay them the agreed fee of N100.

I was livid.

First I was shocked, then I was ashamed I picked someone so appalling to go out with… someone so small.

He was very upper middle-class. Lived high and large from Abuja to Lekki… YET he wouldn’t pay N100.

This was after he had bought a bottle of Hennessy for himself in the club… and whatever non-alcoholic drink I took (I can’t remember).

I paid the area boys from my purse and I told my date to take me home IMMEDIATELY.

Nothing he said would change my mind.

He was too “poor”. I was disgusted.

I detest “poor people”.


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