Why do Nigerian men get angry when their wives start ignoring them?

Why do many Nigerian men get angry when their wives start ignoring them? What is going on with these men who think that their women should always be crying over them? I mean what is truly wrong with these men?

You meet a woman, you claim to love her, you date her, you ask her to marry you and promise to make her the most happy woman on earth.

But you don’t keep your promise. You get married to her and start treating her like crap. You lie to her, you deceive her, you cheat on her with little girls without remorse.

She begs you to stop. She pleads with you to stop playing with her heart and emotions but you laugh at her. You call her a nag. You insist she’s seeing things that are not happening.

Why do Nigerian men get angry when their wives start ignoring them

For years, you chased everything in skirts, trousers and dresses. You go to facebook and tell ugly strangers that you are not married to your wife. You claim she just has children for you but her family is pressuring you to marry her. You claim you don’t love her.

You meet with these girls from facebook and have sex with them. You continue doing this for years while still blaming your wife for your actions. You claim you are the best husband every woman would want because you provide for her and your children.

Years roll by. Your wife became a shadow of herself. She turned to food for emotional comfort and starting putting on weight. You ignored her and carried on with your philandering ways. You even travel to other states to go fuck girls you met on facebook.

And whenever your wife discovers your affair, you turn the tables against her. You claim you are doing your best and you are a good man.

Time went by and your wife learnt to ignore your lack of affection and commitment. She learnt to ignore your irresponsible behaviour and focus more on herself, her self worth and her happiness and you are angry.

I mean, are you a wizard? You don’t treat someone right yet you don’t want them to take care of themselves too.

You are now claiming she’s having an affair. You claim she’s losing weight for another man. You claim she’s ignoring you and not taking your marriage seriously. You claim to know her dirty secrets.

You are just mad. Who the hell do you think you are to demand that a woman should die because of you? Who are you to complain about things you are guilty of?

Who are you to complain about her behaviour when you taught her to live without you? Who are you to complain about her attitude to your marriage when you have been lying to her and cheating on her for years?



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