How to enjoy being single during Christmas holidays

The Christmas holiday is almost here and many families have different activities line up to make the most of the holiday season.

For many people, it is the time of the year to catch up with family and friends and eat, drink and visit fun places. The joy, laughter and cheer of the Christmas season leave a lasting feeling of bliss in the hearts of people.

But the holidays can be a bit different when you are single without anyone to call your boo. This can be made worse when your family keeps questioning your single status and if care is not taken, they can turn your holiday into a sad time.

If you are single this year, don’t worry about it. Your Christmas holiday doesn’t have to be boring and uneventful. There are many ways to catch your groove this holiday without feeling alone.

Here are 10 ways to enjoy the Christmas holiday as a single person:

Make self care your priority

Since you are single and the holidays means you have some time off from work, use the opportunity to indulge in the much needed self-care.

You can go to the spa, sweat it out in the gym or go swimming. You can also attend a wellness retreat. Whatever methods of self-care you prefer, utilize them as much as possible during the holiday season before work resumes.

Be grateful for the good things in your life

Don’t focus on what’s missing in your life during the Christmas holiday. Be grateful for the good things and everything going well in your life at the moment.

Stop yourself from feeling bad because you are not in a relationship and instead remind yourself how lucky you are for all of the good things in your life. Resist the urge to let negativity cloud the season that’s meant for appreciation.

Start your own holiday traditions

One of the benefits of being single during the holidays is that you are in the position to start your own holiday traditions without having to consider the schedules, opinions or preferences of others.

If you want to go see a movie a day after Christmas, spend New Year’s at a wellness spa or host a girl’s night pajamas party on Christmas Eve, you have the luxury to do so because you are happily single.

Host the annual family party

You can host the family party to stop the questions about your single status. If you are busy serving food and drinks, no one will have the time to continuously ask you about your relationship status.

While you are running around being the perfect hostess, tending to your guests, it gives you the perfect excuse to leave a conversation or a room when the relationship questions become too intrusive.

Ignore comments from family about your single status

On one hand you love your family, but on the other hand you often feel hurt and disrespected by their comments about your relationship status. This puts you in quite a dilemma because you don’t want to ruin the holidays with an argument, but you want to be respected.

The best way to deal with this all too common occurrence is to be firm yet respectful. If your family members start spouting their outdated opinions and comments about why you are single, let them know it’s not cool by changing the subject.

Prepare yourself for some tough questions

It will be smart to prepare yourself for tough questions about your relationship ahead of Christmas holiday family gatherings. Prepare your answers ahead of time to save yourself from embarrassment.

By being prepared, you are also going into the situation more relaxed because you already know how to respond to any shade, unsolicited advice or unwarranted opinions that will spring up.

Forget your relationship status and focus on your loved ones

This season is about making memories and spending time with loved ones. If you start to feel bad about being single, remember to be grateful for your family and friends.

Instead of concentrating on your relationship status, take this time of year to spend as much quality time with your loved ones as you can. Let your worries and frustrations go and have fun.

Take this season to give back to your community

To put your life in perspective and also be of service to others, take some time out during the holiday season to give back to your community.

Not only are you doing something positive, you also won’t have time to stress about being single because you will be too busy making a difference in the life of someone who needs it.

Attend family gatherings with your friends

It is important to have your friends around during Christmas holiday as a single lady. They are your support system and you need them close.

If you know your family questions your relationship status whenever they see you, then bring your friends to family gatherings. They will have your back when the jabs at your single life become too much.

Celebrate being single and free

You have to remember that there is absolutely nothing wrong with being single. You don’t need to be pitied. You don’t need to be set up on dates just to feel among.

Celebrate being single and free to live life the way you want it. Remind yourself of all of the positive aspects of being single at this point in your life and you will have a great Christmas holiday season.


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