My heartfelt message to slimy women

I have a message for you.

You, yes you.

You, who is so insecure about herself that you think belittling another person will make you great.

You, who insert herself into other people’s relationships because you are jealous of what they share.

You, who jump from inbox to inbox to tarnish an innocent person’s image because you can’t stand them.

You, who spread malicious gossip about someone struggling to survive around town because you are envious.

You, who don’t see anything good in another woman because you feel entitled to the things she’s enjoying.

My message for slimy women

You, who swiftly start adding the friends of your facebook friend because you think she’s dating the men on her list.

You, who do everything possible to penetrate the hearts of your supposed facebook friend’s enemies to spread gist.

You, who befriend all the friends of your supposed friend who are abroad because you want dollars and pounds.

You, who try to destroy the relationship between your friend and her abroad friends so that the dollars and pounds will get to you.

You, who tell the men on your facebook friends list that she’s evil because you want to date these men because they look rich.

You, who run to tell your facebook friends husbands lies about their wives because you want money to buy phone.

You, who is skillful in turning beautiful relationships into a war zones.

You, who have nothing good going in your life but pretend to be happy just so you can destroy other people’s happiness.

You, the bitter bitch.

You, the sad human.

You, the angry one.

You, the insecure mofo.

You, the relationship destroyer.

You, the peace thief.

You, the love hater.

You, the greedy one.

You, the slimy serpent.

You, the cursed one

May unstoppable thunder fall on you.

May all the evil seeds you have planted germinate on your head.

May you pay for all your evil deeds with painful interests.

May you never be able to cause another person pain.

May you fall and never rise again.

End of rant.


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