What society expects from women going through divorce

It is sad that society expects women going through divorce to look sad, unhappy, lost, dejected and unkempt.

This society expects women who walked out of abusive and toxic marriages to talk in a particular way, act in a particular way and even stop living because they have failed to keep their homes.

It is funny that such things are not expected from men. Men are encouraged to move on quickly when their marriages end but these same people who advice men to live their best lives irrespective of their marital status expect women to die keeping dysfunctional marriages.

The hypocrisy in this society stinks to high heavens. A woman shared a story that her husband died three years ago and one woman in her church told her one year after her husband died that she looks too good for a widow.

what society expects from women going through divorce

This woman told her that she should take things easy so that people won’t start saying she killed her husband. She said she want looking too beautiful as a widow. This widow’s mother in law told her the same thing.

I didn’t know that widow’s should look dirty and unkempt just to prove to this hypocritical society that they didn’t kill their husbands. The silly things people expect from wimen in this society is annoying.

So, I attended a function last weekend and apparently I seem to be “over glowing” (their words) and one of the ‘awarders’ of “over glowing” trophy summoned the courage to ask me the how and what I was doing to have earned the ‘award’ given my ‘present status’ (according to her), whatever that means to her and she placed a call last night…

In summary a woman going through a divorce is not supposed to be “shining” as it would be seen ‘as if’ she was ‘cutting corners’ and people will be looking at her (me) ‘somehow’.
She is supposed to be seen to be “groaning under the pains of the ‘unfortunate’ situation” so that nobody will say anything after the ‘dust have settled’.

My response: ‘Madame’ life has never been this beautiful since I took FULL reigns of it. Help me tell your fellow “awarders” that there is something called minding your fucking business.
God bless your night.


One of the best decisions you can make for yourself is that in which the “society” is very uncomfortable with.

Show me someone who is trying to live by the dictates of the society and I will show you someone who is frustrated.
Someone who is “dying” slowly and painfully.

You don’t have to wait for 2019.
Get a grip of your life!


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