Parents, be careful how you treat your children

Nigerian parents, stop raising damaged children. Stop treating your children like your enemies and still expect them to love you. This is not magic. If you treat your children anyhow, they will treat you the same way in your old age.

This idea of Nigerian parents physically, verbally and psychologically abusing their children all in the name of giving them home training has negative effects on children. Many adults roaming the streets were damaged by their parents.

Parents stop unleashing your frustrations on your children. Stop telling them you are doing them a favour by providing for them. They didn’t beg to be born. You had sex with your partner or spouse and brought them into this world.

It is your responsibility to care for your children. It is your responsibility to love them and treat them right. Stop heaping curses on your children. Stop hitting them all the time. You are teaching them to be violent. Just stop it.

I am sad when I hear someone rejoice that their parent died. There was a guy who came on Facebook this year to thank God that his father died. People started abusing him but they don’t understand what his late father may have put him through.

Nigerian parents be careful how you treat your children

Recently, a young girl committed suicide because of her parents. She left a suicide note saying that if she’s found dead, her mother and father should be blamed. She said her mother has bipolar disorder and always called her a witch.

Some parents give their children hell in the name of raising them. They are high handed, rigid, violent irritable, unapproachable and do not love or show affection.

Once some parents are home, their children go into hiding or quiet mood because every move they make is met with very unpleasant and toxic words including physical assault.

Parents, if your children are afraid of you and live in nightmare for years, you are a bad parent. You go on terrorizing them and expect them to care for you at old age. They live with your toxicity daily and you think you are a good parent.

If you treat your children like a burden while you have strength and control over them, they will treat you badly at old age. You will never enjoy peace of mind at old age. You will live with the consequences of your own actions.

There are no government retirement homes for aged people here. At old age, you will be at the mercy of your children. If you treated them with disregard and disrespect, they will pay you back in your own coin.

They will so ruthlessly deal with you when you can no longer defend yourself. They will abuse you physically and psychologically for ruining their lives and self esteem while you still had strength.

You cannot be an absentee and irresponsible parent and expect that later in life your children will treat you better.

Absentee and cruel parents harm their children more than they know.

Parents, picture your life as a movie, what ending do you see in your later years? Do you see a horror movie or a happy ending? It is not too late to make peace with your children. Don’t let ego destroy your relationship with your children.

Parents, if you have been treating your children badly, ask for their forgiveness, you owe it to them. No child deserves to be treated less than a human being by their parents. Love and treat your children well.


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