Why Dr. Nkasi Nebo started PeachAid Medical Initiative

Dr. Nkasi Obim Nebo is touching lives through PeachAid Medical Initiative. The Initiative fully in 2015, and Dr. Nkasi decided that most of their interventions will be carried out at the rural community level where maternal mortality is terribly on the high side.

Dr. Nkasi shared her experience of March 2017, after child delivery. She had been discharged 48 hours post delivery, and when she got home with her family, she knew something was wrong with her but she couldn’t tell what it was.

“I had this overwhelming sadness that engulfed me, but beyond that I was having fainting-spells and also turning so pale. I was so afraid to think of what it could be even though my mind had already started suggesting possible diagnosis.

That period, I felt like everyone around me should just disappear as it feels like I’m drowning in so much noise.

I was so afraid and felt like I was going to die, but still I had to pretend that everything was alright just so i don’t scare the people around me; oh yes! I am that girl who ALWAYS pretends that all is well so I can stay strong for the whole world, except for myself!

The next day I had to summon courage and took myself back to the hospital as i also noticed I was starting to have a very offensive discharge; these things were happening so fast, just four days after I delivered my beautiful baby girl.

Dr. Nkasi Obim Nebo

At the hospital I was diagnosed of Puerperal Sepsis, and I became an Emergency case! And the fight to save me started until the day I was discharged!

It may interest you to know that about 12% of the maternal mortality in Nigeria is caused by Puerperal Sepsis.

Puerperal Sepsi is the type of infection mainly caused by bacteria after child delivery. It occurs more often in places with unhygienic practices or poor quality healthcare. Prolonged labor can also cause this infection.

Since I started PeachAid Medical Initiative fully in 2015, I decided that most of our interventions will be carried out at the rural community level where maternal mortality is terribly on the high side, and where we have been able to reach more than 32,000 women of child bearing age.

Our work centers on (1) Reducing the level of infection a woman comes in contact with, during child delivery (prevent puerperal sepsis from happening) with the help of our birthing kits (2) Train birth attendants on how to conduct at least a septic delivery. (3) Help prevent or manage bleeding after child delivery (post-partum haemorrhage) with the basic medication and other materials we distribute.

So, I wondered till date where the infection I had came from; cos I gave birth in one of the most expensive and most equipped hospital in Abuja (equipped with both professionals and current equipments). Or could it be the prolonged labour I had because I was in labour for 21 hours 10 minutes? Or was it the odds I was fighting in rural communities that came to fight me?!

Well, today reminds me of that day I battled to have my life back, and I am glad I’m alive! I am celebrating life today because I have only one precious life, and I plan to live it to the fullest.”


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