Dear woman, stop trying to please society, you will never win

Dear Nigerian woman, don’t live your life to please this hypocritical society because nothing you do will be enough. Even if you die dying to please people and live up to societal expectations, they will still judge you.

If you are single, people will judge you for not being able to get a man to marry you. If you are married, people will judge you for not being a perfect wife. If you are successful, people will judge you for having money when poor cannot even feed.

If you leave an abusive marriage, they will judge you for not being patient enough to make your marriage work. If you die in abusive marriage, they will drag you all over social media and splash the pictures of your corpse everywhere. They will judge you for dying while trying to keep your home.

Why women should stop living to please society

If you don’t have a child, they will judge you for being childless and putting your husband through stress. They will want to know how many abortions you have done in the past. If you have all girls, you are a wicked woman who doesn’t want to give her husband a son to carry on his family name when he is no more.

If you refuse to fight side chicks, you don’t love your husband enough to fight other women with big breasts and bums to leave him alone. If you refuse to put up with irresponsible boys just to bear Mrs, they will judge for daring to have standards.

If your husband commits suicide, they will cyber bully you, drag you through the mud and call you a wicked woman for pushing him to commit suicide. Your fellow women will bully you nonstop. They will call you names. They will curse you. They will drag your children into the mess and threaten you too.

Dear Nigerian woman, if you want to live a good life and live long, damn this society! You can never please the dull brains this society produces. Just live your life and do what’s best for you.


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