8 things Mo Abudu did in 2018 that brought her success

2018 was a good year for the Mo Abudu, CEO of EbonyLife TV. She signed a major deal with an American TV production studio, Sony Pictures Television on co-developing three TV projects.

She was awarded an honorary degree by the University of Westminster, UK, for her services to broadcasting and enterprise in Nigeria and as the curtain fell on 2018, she joined the select group of directors of the International Academy of Television, Arts & Sciences.

Basking in the euphoria of fulfillment and gratitude, Mo Abudu attributes her successes to eight things in a recent Instagram post.

Mo Abudu wrote:

“As we say goodbye to 2018 and welcome 2019, I wrap it all up in these words below: “My heart is full of gratitude to my awesome God.”

If I look back at God’s awesomeness in my life this past year, I will attribute it to a number of decisions and choices that I made:

(1) Day in and day out, I stayed focused on my end goals, this was despite the distractions and believe me there will always be tons of things to distract you.

(2) I had to find the inner and outer strength to not only stay focused on my goals but physically achieve them. Knowing my goals and dreams had to be decent, good, kind, fair, truthful, honest and that I plan to work hard at achieving them.

 (3) I spent most of my time with my dream makers – my family and friends that truly wish me well; find them and keep them close.

(4) I had to find it in my heart to wish everyone well, despite how some of them felt about me. This is a tough one, at times even painful as I have the knack of being able to see through people, so I had to work extra hard on this decision – knowing some of them had less than kind intentions towards me.

(5) I turned my challenges and disappointments into opportunities. I knew that nothing happened by chance, there was a reason and I had to then find the reason and to turn things around for good.

(6) Sit still I cannot and believing in my own hype I cannot – so I always know there will always be a better way of doing things. I am continually in search of that better way.

(7) It’s my personal choice to put God first – The most important thing about putting Him first is that He goes ahead of you and makes all things right.

(8)  I truly believe that the key to unlocking my goals and dreams is me using the principles above.


I already see an awesome 2019 ahead of me and I truly wish all those that wish good and great things for everyone else the same. Wish everyone around you well and see how glorious your 2019 will be. Happy New Year!   


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